The 90’s, pilot

Pilot for the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode features the following segments:

1:50Copy video clip URL The 90’s opening.

2:33Copy video clip URL “Beijing Journal” by Pat Keeton. Tiananmen Square 1989. Footage of a political uprising of students in China and a discussion of the process of revolt.

8:03Copy video clip URL *NOT ONLINE* “Crack Clouds Over Hell’s Kitchen” by The Educational Video Center. Interview with crack addicts in New York City who actually demonstrate how to smoke crack onscreen and describe its effects as they feel them. “Five seconds ago I was real tired. Right now I’ve got energy. I could get up from here now and walk to the moon…. The reason why I’m doing this interview is, I’m tired of this place Manhattan and I’m leaving right now. I’m outta here. If anybody sees this tape and knows me, you know I tried, you know what I came from, you know what I used to be and I’m going to get it again.”

12:10Copy video clip URL “Iran-Contra Affair” by Eddie Becker. Discussion of the impact of the Iran-Contra scandal on the American government and its attitude toward secrecy. Malcolm Byrne admits that “there’s been no significant legislation out of the Iran-Contra hearings… nothing to prevent similar disasters from happening again.” Peter Kornbluh warns, “We need more documentation, more congressional scrutiny or the next decade will see deeper, darker covert operations.”

14:19Copy video clip URL David Halberstam commentary by Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg. Halberstam talks about how young people today are going to compete with people from around the world for jobs that their parents were almost guaranteed. “The new definition of national security is… ‘How good is your high school graduate?’ The easy affluence has gone; other nations have caught up… Americans are now competing with people their age from Osaka, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta etc.”

16:30Copy video clip URL “Flying Morning Glory (on fire)” by Skip Blumberg. At an outdoor restaurant in Phitsanulok, Thailand, a cook demonstrates how to make a stir-fried dish with morning glory leaves. “Make sure the wok is very hot,” he says, and then tosses the meal in the air behind him, which is caught on a plate by the server.

20:19Copy video clip URL Bill Murray introduces “Wired In.”

20:25Copy video clip URL “Wired In.” This segment from the early 1980s examines the generational gap present in attitudes towards computers.

23:12Copy video clip URL Bill Murray does a monologue about technology.

23:44Copy video clip URL 1958 Edsel Commercial. The car features automatic gear shifting.

24:40Copy video clip URL “Buckle Up Commercial” by Paul Chen. PSA urging seat belt use.

25:15Copy video clip URL Tony Schwartz commentary. “The most important role for the media in the future is to prevent disease, illness and accidents… it’s better than medicine. If you stop 5% of people from smoking, you could prevent more cancer than medicine can cure.”

27:20Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Four More Years” by TVTV. Documentary about the 1972 Republican National Convention. Skip Blumberg does Republican Convention Drag.

28:24Copy video clip URL Nixon Resignation. White House pool feed of Nixon before his resignation broadcast on August 8, 1974. Nixon jokes with the photographers and reporters: “My friend Ollie is always taking pictures. I’m afraid he’ll catch me picking my nose… You wouldn’t print that, now would you, Ollie?”

28:53Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Rostenkowski” by Tom Weinberg. House Majority Leader Rep. Jim Wright (D-Texas) claims that influence is gained in government by earning a reputation as an honest person.

29:10Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Probably the World’s Smallest TV Station'” by Media Bus (Lanesville TV). Members of Media Bus stage a U.F.O. sighting and interview residents of Lanesville about the event.

29:22Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Media Burn” by Ant Farm. Artist-president Doug Hall introduces the event as John F. Kennedy. “And I ask you, my fellow Americans: Haven’t you ever wanted to put your foot through your television set?” Afterwards, the phantom dream car crashes through a wall of flaming televisions.

31:12Copy video clip URL Chuck Olin introduces his piece on human rights abuses in Guatemala. “When it comes to human rights around the world, the odds have always favored the abusers. They have the political power, they have the money, they have the land, and, as we saw in Beijing, they have the tanks. And yet despite those odds, there seems to be something in the world, something about the human rights movement, that’s persistent, powerful, and growing. The human rights movement worldwide is made up of the thousands of stories, in countless small places, involving individuals fighting to get their rights back. Guatemala has one of the worst human rights records in the world, and the worst in this hemisphere.  With 100,000 people killed and 40,000 disappeared in the last decade alone. We’ve been following one story, about the struggle for human rights, in the highlands of Guatemala.”

31:59Copy video clip URL “In Small Places” by Chuck Olin. April, 1989. Over shots of rural farm life, a debate plays out between General Ortega, speaking for the Guatemalan government, and Amilcar Mendez, speaking on behalf of those suffering political repression. This segment focuses on the issue of men around the countryside being forced to join “voluntary” civil patrols under the threat of death, and the movement to stop this oppression.

38:02Copy video clip URL Greater Yellowstone News by Phil Morton and Elizabeth Laden. Morton and Laden document the battle for survival for buffalo and newborn calves in Yellowstone National Park.

39:34Copy video clip URL “Root Beer Rags” by Bill O’Neil, music by Billy Joel. Simple color animation.

40:44Copy video clip URL “For The Woman In You” by Shu Lea Cheang. Cheang comments on the values associated with the ’80s and predicts those to come in the ’90s: Power, money and greed were the values associated with the ’80s. In the ’90s will having a baby be more impressive than any hood ornament? Will a baby be the status symbol of the ’90s?

43:07Copy video clip URL Jimmy Piersall commentary. Former Major League baseball player Jimmy Piersall discusses the future of baseball.

45:19Copy video clip URL 90’s Sports Quiz. Question: What’s the best-known horticultural display in the U.S.? Answer: The outfield wall of Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL. Bill Veeck, in 1985, explains: “The ivy happened because I inadvertently mentioned that the brick walls were so bare and so harsh.”

46:13Copy video clip URL Music video for “She Won’t French Kiss” by The Cleaning Ladys.

48:12Copy video clip URL “South Africa Now” by Mzwakhe Mbuli and Globalvision. Poet activist Mbuli performs an impassioned anti-apartheid plea.

49:44Copy video clip URL Helen Lewis commentary by Appalshop. Lewis, a coal miner organizer, talks about what is to come in the ’90s.

51:23Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner commentary by Nancy Cain. Cain shows us garbage on Venice Beach, Krassner discusses the ’90s.

53:23Copy video clip URL “People and the Land: Ending the Silence” by Deep Dish TV. At farmer’s rights rally in Iowa City, Iowa, a priest says, “I’m gonna borrow me a pickup, and I’m gonna take a piece of equipment the FDIC wants and I’m gonna liberate it… I’m gonna give sanctuary to a manure-spreader.”

54:35Copy video clip URL “International Women’s Day Festival” by Deep Dish TV. Experimental piece about women’s rights.

55:01Copy video clip URL “AIDS: Angry Initiatives Defiant Strategies” by John Greyson. A music video spoofing the AIDS scare. “The ADS epidemic is sweeping the nation: Acquired Dread of Sex… fear and panic in whole population. Stop the ADS plague… safe sex is fun.”

56:08Copy video clip URL Grace Paley commentary by DeeDee Halleck. “So many people watch TV that it really has the obligation to be truthful on occasion.”

56:30Copy video clip URL Abbie Hoffman in Memoriam. Footage by Videofreex and Media Process Group. Clip from Chicago, 1969 before Chicago 7 trial and Chicago 1988.

58:11Copy video clip URL Credits.

1:00:10Copy video clip URL :30 promo.



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