[The 90’s promo]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:18  Tape begins abruptly with an Entertainment Tonight anchor reporting on a Beverly Hills 90210 episode about steroids.

0:43 Clip on E Tonight about “The 90’s” television show, produced by Tom Weinberg. He says, “It’s real. It’s people telling stories about other people. And the fact is, if it’s not entertaining, we failed.” The 90’s was called the most important and innovative news show on the air by Bilboard magazine.

1:08 Other Entertainment Tonight clips.

2:18 The 90’s opening.

2:48 Black screen.

3:20 Clip of news anchor Ed Rabel answering a question from a man in the studio. [For the full clip of Ed rehearsing his answer before the question is asked, see the “Watch It!” pilot, 27:49.]

4:09 A man talks about today’s method of “instant journalism.”

4:41 A man on a Ukelele sings “What’s That Smell?”

5:09 A market vendor shows off his fresh fish.

5:36 A man tells a story about a funny vendor guy who would say “Shutamaguy” before every word when he was selling his product.

6:37 Clips of Ostrich and Camel races.

7:20 “Andrew Jones, Roving Corresspondence.” AR ar, Iraq: Kids rap. Andrew Jones talks about wanting to joina group of peacekeepers going to Iraq.

8:34 Some weird reggae music video where people dance.

9:10 Meanwhile, in Watts: Two men drive in a truck and argue about what to call each other.

9:42 A young man talks about the stereotypes television creates about blacks.

10:19 A young girl is interviewed about why adults won’t let her see certain movies.

11:04 A boy of about 4 yrs goes around with a mic and attempts to interview people and pigs. It’s cute.

11:56 Irian Jaya: A very large group of kids play with a plastic ball.

12:15 A clothing vendor in New York City is asked about the latest fashions.

12:34 A man performs a heated monologue about money and the earth being for sale.

13:50 “The 90’s” promo.

14:21 Martin, KY: An angry man yells about his land being ruined

14:58 Phitsanoulak, Thailand. A food vendor on the street cooks by throwing food up in the air and catching it in his pan.

15:18 Erika Becker talks to her father about her “Sever al Policy” [Cerebral Palsy]. She explains what the disease does and how it made her feel. “What’s the worst part of having a handicap?” “I think being made fun of. That really hurts.” “Inside, even grownups treat me differently…but that’s because I’m different.” By Eddie Becker.

16:20 “The 90’s: Something new and different every week. Watch it.”

16:33 End of tape.



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