[The 90’s raw: 42nd street]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's of 42nd Street in New York City.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:20Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to Vernon Boggs, a sociologist and music expert, in his office. He shows videomaker Esti Marpet his wall of photos of musicians. He is about to take her to see salsa.

03:37Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to the outdoors, where a woman gives out samples of cookies. Shot of the 42nd street sign, and buildings being torn down. Boggs shows Marpet a detective car and how to identify one. Another man, Boggs’ colleague, points out a pornography store. Also shots of an international news stand, and the national debt clock.

13:40Copy video clip URL 42nd and Broadway. There are chess and backgammon tables on the street. Videomaker Esti Marpet is introduced to Boggs’ colleague.

18:09Copy video clip URL A Times Square record store, Recordmart, and the owner, Jesse Moskowitz, talks to the camera: “It’s the people that make the store.” The store apparently has a large amount of Spanish language tapes. The camera looks at cassettes, and Boggs dances to the music.

26:32Copy video clip URL The 42nd street subway station.

27:36Copy video clip URL Back above ground, Boggs’ colleague talks to Marpet about the theaters around them, including the Ziegfeld theater. “This is one of the most profitable streets in America… they cater to a male audience, a male market.”

32:32Copy video clip URL Shoeshine, and more shots of adult businesses on 42nd street. The shoeshiner talks about taxpayers and 42nd street.

46:25Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, more video of 42nd street but without audio.

48:04Copy video clip URL The audio returns, and there is footage of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Kaufman army/navy surplus, as well as the “residential” area. Two men on the street have just bought video cameras.

51:48Copy video clip URL Outside the police station, Marpet meets up with an officer, who leads Marpet up 42nd street. He says the west side of Manhattan is “like a good ham sandwich, you just grab a hold of it.”

59:15Copy video clip URL They go to Holy Cross Church, and the pastor, Father Aramedo, speaks to Marpet about the history of the Church and its mission. It is the oldest building on 42nd street, and Marpet shoots some of the (Tiffany’s) stained glass.

01:04:53Copy video clip URL Continuing to walk around New York on 8th Avenue, Marpet looks in storefronts. They enter a restaurant to get a beer. Outside again, the Milford Plaza Hotel. They say goodbye to the police officer. Walking again, they discuss the economy and talk to a family trying to apply for welfare.

01:19:54Copy video clip URL In a pub, McLoughlin’s, and Marpet speaks with the proprietor, who inherited the bar. She explains the history of the business, her Irish upbringing, Hell’s Kitchen, and movies for the remainder of the tape. Very loud background noise.

01:43:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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