[The 90’s raw: AIDS protest in San Francisco]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Activists demonstrate in the streets of San Francisco demanding more research to fight AIDS. The camera is pretty passive and the sound is bad, so it's pretty hard to tell what's going on; the tape is mostly just shots of police and people standing around shouting.

00:00Copy video clip URL Shot from a building of the San Francisco skyline.

01:29Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to the AIDS demonstration. Police in riot gear stand in the middle of an intersection, apparently around a group of people demonstrating. The camera moves among people watching. People are clapping and chanting, but the words are unintelligible. A man has a sign that says “The SF AIDS Model is crumbling.”

04:38Copy video clip URL The videomaker asks two men what the protest is about, and they say its purpose is to divert attention from an AIDS conference, and explain that they want more research. However, someone blows a whistle repeatedly while they are talking, so some of what they say is inaudible. The camera focuses on a man who is explaining tactics on how not to get arrested. He explains that this will be a series of demonstrations. The camera records a building, and a sticker that says, “Queers Against Profiteers.”

07:41Copy video clip URL The camera cuts, and people are chanting, “We’re here! We’re queer!” A man is perched on top of a street signal that says, “Don’t Walk.”

08:31Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a group of reporters who are trying to organize their information, and list people they’ve interviewed, and then zooms in on police and activists. Someone on a loud speaker tells where the arrested are being brought. The camera records people in handcuffs getting on a bus, and being photographed by police and the press. Someone on a loudspeaker talks about equal medical rights.

16:45Copy video clip URL The videomaker walks away from the protest, and the camera records a line of police vehicles and a helicopter.

18:03Copy video clip URL Police in riot gear stand in lines, and their leader commends them for their good work. The camera watches as the police stand around.

19:50Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to more protesters swarming in the streets with signs. This appears to be a different protest, against tax cuts (?), in front of the State of California building.

20:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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