[The 90’s raw: assorted Washington, D.C. footage]

Raw footage for the award-winning TV series The 90's. The tape is in five segments, showing a demonstration, a public square, an interview with a man camping by the Washington Monument, a Peruvian religious procession and shots of statues, all shot in Washington, D.C.

00:00Copy video clip URL At a demonstration relating to the Savings and Loan scandals where protesters are yelling “Stop the war on the poor, jail Neil Bush!” Protesters carry signs and walk in circles. They call for political prisoners to be freed, and a man speaks in a loudspeaker about liberation movements.

04:28Copy video clip URL Cuts to a shot of some food, and people in a public square in Washington, D.C.

08:40Copy video clip URL Videomaker Eddie Becker interviews a man who is living in a tent near the Washington Monument. He is talking to a pedestrian at first, and then is interviewed by the videomaker. He claims to have “dropped out of society.” He says his life changed drastically many years ago, and he gave up his money and lifestyle. “I live now, whereas before I was dying… My labor of love is, by whatever means are most righteously appropriate, is to provoke people to wake up.” He can see the White House from his camp, but does not seem to find this significant. He criticizes the lifestyle of the rich, and dislikes the competition attached. He continues to talk about politics, economics, happiness and his religious beliefs.

31:55Copy video clip URL Procession of the Black Virgin of Peru. Women sing in Spanish, and men in purple carry a large display with an image of the crucifixion on one side, and the Black Virgin on the other in the street, and a band follows. There are close-ups of trumpet and trombone players. A woman explains this tradition, which began with African slaves in Peru. She also talks about miracles in Peru, but her English is hard to understand. More shots of the procession follow.

51:49Copy video clip URL Outside the Supreme Court building where a crowd of journalists is surrounding a man who is unfortunately inaudible because of wind and fountain noise. After the press conference, Becker tapes some journalists conversing (presumably about the conference), but they are also difficult to understand.

54:55Copy video clip URL The camera cuts briefly to an enormous banner being taken down, and then to shots of some (nude) statues in a fountain outside the Library of Congress.

58:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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