[The 90’s raw: Barcelona]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. An informal tour of Barcelona with a local.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opens on the street of Barcelona, videomaker Eddie Becker and an interpreter walk around a public square at night. Shots of a neon sex shop sign, the square, and a lively restaurant.

08:54Copy video clip URL Shots of Barcelona, the USS Nashville, children in a schoolyard, dancers and street performers.

17:00Copy video clip URL A hotel with a great view of Barcelona. The woman points out different areas of town, and how the Olympics have changed it. Several hotels have been built for the Olympics alone.

25:19Copy video clip URL The woman leads Becker through the hotel, showing us the kitchen and room service. They try to get stories about room service from two employees, who don’t really have anything interesting to say. Then she shows Becker the lobby of the hotel, a coffee shop, and a bar.

42:41Copy video clip URL She explains her job in marketing and showing the hotel. Shots of the exterior of the hotel.

47:57Copy video clip URL Inside a car on a highway. Tape cuts to walking down a street in Barcelona, and the same woman explains some of the government systems. There are some visual problems. They enter a bar where people play cards, and order coffee, which is typically served with rum. A young woman, Becker’s informal tour guide, explains things but is very distracted by talkative patrons. She talks about the people in the bar smoking hashish together openly, and the bar selling it even though it is illegal. A man is playing with an electronic slot machine.

01:07:00Copy video clip URL Outside the bar, we walk down the street, passing an old person’s social club, a union, a theatre, a 14th century church, etc. The woman talks about problems with buildings built during the Industrial Revolution, which don’t have running water. She then describes Catalonia, and Catalonians being workers by nature.

01:15:30Copy video clip URL Some gypsies perform music, dance and sing on the street.

01:20:16Copy video clip URL Walking down the street, there are views of at local businesses, as well as the Barcelona opera house. Now more in the downtown area, we see McDonald’s and KFC, but they are not very popular. The menu is in both Catalonian and Castillian. There are lots of tourist shops.

01:27:23Copy video clip URL At a public square, the woman explains people like to play soccer and watch bullfights on the weekend. Many people go on walks on the weekend. She continues to lead Becker down the streets of Barcelona.

01:32:45Copy video clip URL The government building of Barcelona, and the oldest street in Barcelona. Some people on the street perform music.

01:36:47Copy video clip URL At night in a church, many candles are lit during a service.

01:40:47Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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