[The 90’s raw: Colorado Rockies baseball, Rainbow Family gathering]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. The first part of tape is footage of Greg Kurtz at Colorado Rockies baseball practice at Denver University in the early part of the team's existence, on June 14, 1992. (The team did not begin National League play until the following year.) Kurtz speaks onscreen about the team in the manner of a sportscaster. The second half of the tape covers the Rainbow Family tribal gathering in Rainbow Valley in Colorado. Peace groups from throughout Colorado and the world have convened for a few days on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Rainbow Family, culminating in a moment of silent prayer for world peace on the Fourth of July. The group is very cautious about the media, and there is lots of footage of drum circles, a hippie wedding, and other such activities. The footage is from July 1, 1992.

00:00Copy video clip URL Greg Kurtz stands with a microphone as the Rockies do sit-ups on the field behind him. Kurtz describes what they are doing and the weather. He explains that they do not start playing as a major league team until next year, and will be playing with the minor leagues until then.

01:56Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and Kurtz does a second take of his introduction.

3:33Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and Kurtz talks about seats in the stadium in front of a batting cage.

05:06Copy video clip URL Kurtz provides voiceover for the practice. The camera focuses on Niekro, the pitching coach, and then Kurtz talks about one of the coaches (Otis), and some scandals involving a corked bat.

06:39Copy video clip URL As players run, Kurtz discusses the possible effects of the altitude.

07:18Copy video clip URL Kurtz sits in the bleachers as pairs of players throw baseballs back and forth. He and two other men chat about uniforms, and possible talent in Cuban and Japanese players. Then they continue to discuss the issue of priority seats for the season. The tape cuts, but the three men continue to watch the practice. The men introduce themselves as the founders of the Colorado Rockies Fan Club. Kurtz brings up the issue of a lack of healthy foods in the stadium. They list stadiums that they have been to, and different teams.

23:30Copy video clip URL Kurtz, with a microphone, explains that the Rockies are practicing putting a runner on third. He points out John Burke at the mound, and Kurtz announces the play like a sportscaster. He emphasizes the importance of involving all the players in a practice. The tape cuts, and Kurtz is still watching and describing different tactics. He and one of the men to whom Kurtz was talking exchange cards. As the team practices infield exercises, Kurtz yells, “No mental errors! You should never be picked off like that.”

28:04Copy video clip URL After about 20 seconds of blank tape, the tape turns to the Rainbow Family tribal gathering in Colorado. Peace groups from throughout Colorado and the world have convened for a few days on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Rainbow Family, culminating in a moment of silent prayer for world peace on the Fourth of July. The group is very cautious about the media, and there is lots of footage of drum circles, a hippie wedding, and other such activities.

29:05Copy video clip URL A man dressed in a cowboy hat explains the agreements they try to make concerning media. Videomaker Jimmy Sternfield is instructed not to shoot anyone who has not given explicit permission. The man explains some of the trouble they’ve had with the government, and that their rules about media are not paranoia, but rather an expression of respect. He tells us about an event that will take place tomorrow, called a dig-in. There is some wind noise.

32:01Copy video clip URL Sternfield asks about the history and goals of the gathering. “We try to respect the land here, we respect each other.” His description of the event is vague: “We’ve come to the conclusion that living on planet Earth is kind of a tough trip to paradise… We come out here every year to find out what peace is.” There is a lot of talk about harmony, peace, environmental issues, drug rights, hemp, and other scattered issues. It is unclear in what way these people compose tribes, but apparently they are a diverse group of people who operate in a democratic manner, with all decisions being made by consensus. On the Fourth of July, he says they will have “a contemplative silence.” “Our tribe, which is a tribe of tribes, and a tribe of individuals, grows stronger and more peaceful each year — I think.” He thinks that the police force stationed outside the grounds is a mode of oppression. “Soon we’ll be one of the largest communities in the Western slope of Colorado, and our crime rate, we have the lowest per capita crime rate in the world, and the best environmental record… We tread easy on the land and we try to tread easy on each other.”

37:26Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a map of the grounds painted on a large banner, and a man explaining it. Some of what he says is inaudible because of wind and dogs barking. The camera zooms in on the map so that we can see some of the landmarks.

39:40Copy video clip URL A man in a bandanna and tie-dye shirt, who introduces himself as a “rainbow child,” tells a story about picking up hitchhikers and then being harassed by the Delta Country Sheriffs and some park rangers. There were six people total, he says, and they were handcuffed. The police asked for permission to search his baggage, and after giving this consent, it was reported that he was seen distributing LSD, and then was put in jail. He was just released that morning.

42:19Copy video clip URL A panning shot of the trees and the mountains, as someone explains about parking.

42:38Copy video clip URL A man plays banjo in front of his tent. He introduces himself as Robbie Gordon.

43:20Copy video clip URL A woman stands in the grass in front of a lake, but she is camera-shy.

43:46Copy video clip URL Sternfield asks a man in camouflage about how he feels about the gathering, and he says, “To me, the gathering is the culmination of the spirit which began this country.” He goes on to discuss the lack of money involved in the gathering. “This is our church, this is the land.”

45:49Copy video clip URL Two men with large backpacks and camping equipment praise the gathering as Sternfield tapes some of the surrounding countryside. They introduce themselves. One is named “Running Bear.”

46:58Copy video clip URL Sternfield looks down a trail and does an introduction for The 90’s.

47:29Copy video clip URL A man criticizes the nation-state system: “It’s antiquated and we need a different way.” He continues to talk about cooperation. Another man agrees, and contrasts it with urban competition. They then say that alcohol is discouraged and guns are inappropriate for the gathering, but they also don’t police each other.

50:14Copy video clip URL A shot of the area where counsel is about to take place. A woman explains the function of the counsel, and the routine of having drum circle before dinner. The camera zooms in on a circle being formed. There is a lot of wind noise.

54:40Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to the circle, where a man is talking from the center of the circle. Then, various people stand up to speak their pieces. One man talks about the Democratic National Convention, but he is far away and we can barely hear him over the noise of the wind. The first man sits down and another one stands up. The crowd sometimes reacts to what he is saying, but the camera does not pick up the audio very well.

59:49Copy video clip URL A man talks about succession forests, and compares the Rainbow culture to the succession forests. “It’s not a choice, we have to make changes for a more organic kind of lifestyle.”

01:00:39Copy video clip URL A girl sits on a rock with man, and plays acoustic guitar and sings. We are far away and it is difficult to hear.

01:01:27Copy video clip URL A man explains that Sternfield has reached the “Welcome Home” tent, though Sternfield thought it was the media tent. This man says that “Life is make-believe.” Sternfield takes a shot of the back of his jacket, which is an invitation to the Rainbow tribe.

01:03:17Copy video clip URL Two men explain the Center for Alternative Living Medicines (CALM). One man, Joseph Greenfeather, says that it is a “combination of all forms of healing medicines.” Another man tells a little bit more about practicing the medicine. Sternfield interrupts and asks him to talk about the gathering. He talks about what he believes constitutes “peace for all time.” The other man talks about the light spectrum, and sharing our light with one another.

01:07:29Copy video clip URL Greenfeather talks about the solar panels outside CALM, which power some sort of transmission.

01:08:26Copy video clip URL Panning shot of tents and a teepee located along a trail.

01:08:57Copy video clip URL A man sits cross-legged, and says his name is John. He is attending the gathering in order to show his support, and to welcome new people. He talks about the goals of the gathering.

01:10:26Copy video clip URL Someone plays an odd type of drum.

01:11:00Copy video clip URL A woman reads a newspaper and chats with another attendee, as the drums still play in the background.

01:11:51Copy video clip URL Shot of a campfire, and a man in tie-dye talks about the kitchen. He says he has been going to gatherings for 3 to 4 years and criticizes the persistence of the nuclear family as the main societal structure. “There is no cohesiveness in a family anymore.” He sees the gathering as getting in touch with his extended family. Sternfield talks to a woman nearby, and she says she is from Alaska. She wants to talk about hemp, and is sewing a tea-pouch.

01:16:12Copy video clip URL A man is climbing in a tree, but apparently does not want to speak to the camera. There is no audio. The camera then looks at the camp area. The audio returns and a man holds up pictures from gatherings in Minnesota in 1990 and Vermont in 1991. The man in the tree says they are putting together a kitchen. The camera again scans the rest of the camp.

01:19:13Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to people sitting in a circle. Sternfield asks a woman about the high point of the gathering, and she compares it to a heart beating. A man explains that “This is a way of life,” and he wants there to be a permanent site because he wants to live like this all the time. He introduces his children, one of whom thinks it is fun and better than the city. He wants to show us how he does the dishes to prevent dysentery. He talks about the medical center at the top of the hill. The man talks about how drinking alcohol incites violence, and the differences between camps. “You’re supposed to be able to live like you want to live.”

01:23:26Copy video clip URL John explains the main meadow, where everyone gathers around six pm. A man named Gordon comes onscreen, and they chat about names. Then, Gordon compares the gathering to aboriginal walk-abouts. Gordon walks us across the meadow, attempts to blow into a large shell, and makes a loud noise. The camera follows Gordon drumming with other people at the gathering.

01:31:22Copy video clip URL Shot of some grass, and then of the gathering in the meadow. The camera cuts to a shot of all the people holding hands in a large circle. A woman offscreen says that two people are going to get married in the meadow. The camera zooms in on a woman in a white dress. The camera continues to look at the large circle. The camera cuts to a shot from far away of other large circles of people. Someone is talking Sternfield but the wind noise is too loud to hear her well. A group hug takes place.

01:45:02Copy video clip URL Cuts to a shot of someone with another person on her back, and then they reverse. It appears to be a sort of stretch exercise. Then they dance together, and chat a little.

01:49:22Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a shot of a large circle being formed in the meadow below.

01:50:30Copy video clip URL A man with braids explains that he comes to the gathering to be with his friends. A man with dreadlocks talks about self-liberation, and says the gathering is about finding a new strength.

01:51:25Copy video clip URL A man with a sitar talks to Sternfield, who apparently lived in India for some time. The man plays plays the sitar and talks about the role of the altitude in the gathering and in playing the sitar.

01:59:18Copy video clip URL The camera cuts, and someone asks about Sternfield’s work. A man summarizes the goal of the gathering: “get in the loop and get some soup.” Sternfield asks who there is going to vote, and nobody appears to be planning on voting.

02:01:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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