[The 90’s raw: Federal Reserve]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. An interview with an unidentified woman about the Freedom of Information Act, and videomaker Eddie Becker attempts to contact the Federal Reserve.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape opens with the camera tight on a woman’s face (she is unidentified), talking about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), in relation to banking and the Federal Reserve. The woman talks about the economics of what the government is currently doing.

06:09Copy video clip URL The woman talks about the ambiguity of terms, and that this means that people are confused and not paying attention. The woman apparently works for some sort of organization that informs the public about what the government is actually doing. The woman describes the legislative impact of their work.

12:04Copy video clip URL She talks about the media: “a lot of journalists have only been listening to the hill… they don’t listen to consumers… and they get caught up in the language.” She criticizes the treatment of the issue by the newspapers. The woman then goes on to talk about consumer awareness.

17:53Copy video clip URL Cuts to the exterior of the Federal Reserve, where videomaker Eddie Becker does an introduction talking about his experience with the public relations person at the Reserve, who canceled his appointment. Becker finds the whole place mysterious and eerie.

21:33Copy video clip URL Becker enters the Federal Reserve, and Becker gets in contact with Bob Moore, the PR person for the Fed, but his efforts are fruitless. There are some issues with the audio, and Moore and Becker struggle on the phone. Moore eventually hangs up on Becker, and Becker leaves the Federal Reserve.

31:09Copy video clip URL Exterior shots of the Reserve, and Becker narrates for the camera.

34:14Copy video clip URL On Washington DC streets, people walk by, as a cheesy advertisement for perfume plays in the background.

42:15Copy video clip URL Cuts to Becker at his desk, summarizing the Moore story for The 90’s. Moore still hasn’t called him back on Monday, and he encourages watchers to contact Moore. Becker does multiple takes, but there is a lot of audio buzz.

46:26Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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