[The 90’s raw: Legal Services NYC protests]

Raw footage shot for the award-winning series The 90's. This tape features a brief interview with choreographer and performer Keith Terry, followed by extended coverage of a strike by employees of Legal Services NYC, an organization that provides low income people with legal services.

00:00Copy video clip URL Lines of static on a television screen.

00:19Copy video clip URL Interview with Keith Terry, a choreographer and performer. He talks about racial awareness and a project he was involved in about Balinese and American cultures coming together. He talks about the inevitability of racial blending.

03:01Copy video clip URL People marching through the street during a protest, and cars driving slowly behind them honking impatiently. This shot is from an office several stories above.

03:50Copy video clip URL Now at street level, we see the employees of Legal Services NYC, an organization that provides free legal services for low income people, protesting. “No contract, no work!” is one of their chants. They also chant about legal services for the poor.

09:00Copy video clip URL Protestors talk about their strike, and the reasons behind it. Martha Raymond sheds a lot of light on her participation in the strike.

23:00Copy video clip URL A man talks on a megaphone about the union’s founding principles and the successful conclusion he anticipates for this strike. Multiple others have equally inspiring speeches through this megaphone as well.

29:38Copy video clip URL The cameraman talks to another strike participant about peaceful means of protest. Then, there is more footage of the crowd chanting and marching.

35:15Copy video clip URL A woman and her son protest in the demonstration.

42:15Copy video clip URL A young man speaks into the megaphone, addressing “management.” It is a humorous appeal for friendship. The crowd laughs.

47:03Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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