[The 90’s raw: Jody Procter Goes To Gun Store]

Raw footage for the award-winning series "The 90's." Jody Procter takes his son Ian to S-M Gun Shop. Young Ian loves to play with toy guns, so Procter wanted to take him to learn about real guns. The store owner shows a few models of guns and explains how to use them.

00:00Copy video clip URL Jody Procter and his son Ian enter the S-M Gun Shop. Once inside, the two make their way to the back of the store to speak with an employee. The employee, Robin Kessler, assists the two in taking a look at a few guns.

01:13Copy video clip URL Ian asks about the large row of rifles that stands behind Kessler. Kessler explains that they are deer rifles. Ian goes on to ask about some of the other guns on the wall, and Kessler assists Procter and his son.

01:45Copy video clip URL Procter asks to see a 45-caliber pistol. Kessler shows Procter how to properly load the gun. He also talks about the history of the gun, which had been used in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. At one point, Procter has his son choose a gun from the case. The two look through the gun case before moving on to look at a few shotguns.

07:13Copy video clip URL Kessler explains the difference between semi-automatic and automatic weapons. He also shows the two some automatic weapons that hang on the wall of the gun store. Kessler states that there is a great deal of paperwork and a six month wait to acquire an automatic weapon.

09:18Copy video clip URL Kessler shows them a WWII era automatic sub machine gun. As Procter and his son look at the gun, Kessler explains the four classes of automatic guns. They go on to talk about deer rifles, and Kessler explains the difference between hunting bullets and regular bullets. Ian then sees a large bullet on the wall of the store, a 50-caliber machine gun bullet. Kessler explains the physics behind shooting a gun, and talks about the difficult process of obtaining an automatic machine gun.

17:32Copy video clip URL Kessler pulls out an AK-47 to show the two. He states that it is “the most prolific side arm in the world,” and that people buy them in the U.S. for target shooting. He eventually shows Procter and Ian how to load the gun.

20:25Copy video clip URL Procter and Ian become fascinated with a 44 magnum with a hunting scope. Both Procter and Ian look through the scope. The two then walk around the store, looking at a number of rifles and bullet shells. Procter buys his son a few bullet shells.

26:59Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a shot of a bin filled with “Saddam Condoms.” The camera operator then speaks with Kessler about the instructional video that plays on a television in the back of the store. Procter pays for the shells and the two make their way out of the store. Before leaving, Procter asks Kessler about the gun business. Both Procter and the camera operator comment on the fact that Kessler looks like Martin and Charlie Sheen.

31:17Copy video clip URL Procter and his son look at a few sale items outside before walking to their car. Before getting into the car, Procter asks his son if he is more interested in playing with guns. Ian responds with a semi-excited “Maybe.” The camera operator then asks if guns give him the creeps. Ian responds, “Sort of.”

32:46Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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