[The 90’s raw: London music, culture, and environmental activism]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Footage in London of the Atom Seed, a funk metal band, interviews with British people about their lifestyle, and an interview with Steve Trent about the ivory trade.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape opens on the streets of London at night, watching an intersection, and Becker’s companion gives someone directions to the Marquis.

03:12Copy video clip URL Outside a music venue, an interview with a British youth who says that a funk metal band, the Atom Seed, is playing that night. The youth then explains the genre. As for the future of music, the boy says that thrash metal is giving way to funk metal. A second boy explains thrash metal and the two talk about various bands. Becker then talks to some girls in line, who say they follow the band all over the country.

07:57Copy video clip URL Inside, footage of t-shirts for the Atom Seed. The venue is really dark so we cannot see much. Becker’s companion speaks with two young girls with leather jackets. They talk about music, but the music behind them makes the conversation hard to understand.

13:10Copy video clip URL Interview with a young man who talks about genres of music, the Atom Seed, and drug use, but the music is too loud to follow him coherently.

19:17Copy video clip URL Another interview. The band’s manager talks about how he discovered the band. He finds the Atom Seed unique and likes the feelings they give to the audience. He calls them “a hybrid of what’s been happening in the eighties and bringing it into the nineties.” He describes the fans and they dynamic of the underground scene. “British bands have a sort of dirt under their fingernails, and American bands don’t really do that.” He doesn’t see the music as having any racial division.

27:38Copy video clip URL Two members of the Atom Seed outside talk about their influences and the evolution of their music. They are reluctant to say they are “happening,” and see music as becoming a fusion.

31:01Copy video clip URL A girl who is a follower explains how she discovered the band, and would follow them everywhere if she could. The followers are typically college students, she says, and people who read Tolkien usually like this music. The fan base and music scene are not male dominated, according to her, though the bands are mainly male and she would like to see more female bands.

39:38Copy video clip URL Tape of the Atom Seed onstage. Many people in the crowd bang their head, and Becker tapes from onstage for part of the performance.

54:34Copy video clip URL Interview with a stockbroker at a bar, who talks about his own lifestyle and the various lifestyles in London. He’s somewhat drunk and incoherent. He doesn’t really believe he fits in anywhere, and feels his friends would be bothered by the types of places he hangs out, even though he is restrained compared to the punks that hang out around him. The tape cuts.

01:01:58Copy video clip URL London during the day. They try to interview people at the market about their opinions of the US. One woman says that God wakes her up every morning, and preaches about God and Jesus.

01:06:25Copy video clip URL Interview with a Pakistani man who thinks that the US is really diverse. He and his friend are preparing to visit Miami. The man’s son is questioned about American culture, and he thinks that American youth are freer than British. He also talks about being the target of racists, and believes the US does not have racial issues.

01:17:38Copy video clip URL Interview with a Zimbabwean woman who talks about the importance of love and happiness. She discusses the differences between British and American television and people, and lists words that are different in Britain and the US.

01:22:58Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to a restaurant, and Becker explains he is with some Italian friends, and the camera pans around as someone else tapes. The tape cuts.

01:26:46Copy video clip URL Interview with Steve Trent, who is the development coordinator for the Environmental Investigation Agency. He talks about the issues that the agency campaigns against. They get evidence in the field using undercover film and photographs. For instance, they followed the ivory trade from the source to the consumer. Trent describes how his investigators are sometimes put in dangerous situations by their undercover work, and some of the incredible footage they had taken for the ivory story. He gives startling figures about the ivory trade and number of poached elephants. “It is vitally important that the consumer markets of west close down–don’t buy ivory, don’t have anything to do with it.”

01:43:39Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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