[The 90’s raw: New York City shoe repair]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Tom Weinberg and Joel Cohen ride the train around O'Hare airport, and then travel to Manhattan, where they visit a charming shoe repair shop.

00:00Copy video clip URL A short clip of tape of Nathan Goldstein, who jokes with the camerawoman.

01:05Copy video clip URL An airport train at O’Hare. The camera looks out of the front of the train at the sunset, then turns toward the interior of the car. The train announces its stations. Videomakers Tom Weinberg and Joel Cohen get off the train and go up an escalator, eventually going through security.

05:51Copy video clip URL They arrive at Newark Airport, and then tape cuts to the streets of New York. Joel Cohen walks down a New York street, and enters a shoe repair shop. The camera scans the walls of the store as Cohen asks for his shoe to be repaired. The man behind the counter says it will only take 5 minutes. The camera zooms in to watch the man repairing the shoe in the back of the store.

08:20Copy video clip URL The man in the store asks about the camera, and Cohen and Weinberg say they are from Chicago. Cohen and the man talk about his shoes, and the cobbler shows them a pair of shoes that he refurbished.

10:16Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and Cohen’s shoes are repaired. The man says the whole bottom should be replaced.

11:38Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and the cobbler introduces himself as Mike, and explains that he married into the business. He is from Italy. The videomakers acquire his business card.

12:24Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to outside, where Cohen demonstrates that his shoes are fixed.

12:37Copy video clip URL Cuts to dinner, where Clarence Cross, of Tokyo Broadcasting System in New York, is in the middle of describing a dream that he had. He and Weinberg talk about dreams being digital as Cross recalls more of his dream.

14:51Copy video clip URL Cuts to Weinberg thanking the sushi chef as they leave the restaurant.

14:59Copy video clip URL Footage out of a car window, and Cohen shows his shoe again.

15:30Copy video clip URL Cuts to tape out of a plane window at night. Someone says, “Welcome to New Jersey” as they fly out of New York.

16:19Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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