[The 90’s raw: New York streets #1]

Raw footage for The 90's of New York City streets. Skip Blumberg speaks with a woman, Danica Kombol, about stroller techniques in New York. He also speaks with Susan Cohn about the Green Guerrillas, parks around New York, and crime. Interspersed are various shots of the city and a musical performance by an unknown artist.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on man singing with small guitar about a stench.

1:07Copy video clip URL Man begins again in another room with a violinist.

3:51Copy video clip URL Both move outside and take several takes of the song.

15:00Copy video clip URL Cut to a duck pond and then city streets.

19:06Copy video clip URL Brief montage of his wife and child and the street. Image resolves to his family.

21:14Copy video clip URL Cut to cobblestone street and a woman pushing a stroller across it several times leading to an interesting scene. Blumberg talks with said woman, named Danica Kombol, and learns the “Trials and Tribulations” of owning and using a stroller in the Soho neighborhood. This continues for quite a while and almost turns into a stroller talk show.

50:48Copy video clip URL Cut to a man cleaning up graffiti and then Blumberg talks to a woman named Lisa who apparently was on The 90’s before and she tells him about a concert before scampering.

55:43Copy video clip URL Blumberg goes to Washington Square park and talks with Susan (Sue) Cohn who is a Green Guerrilla. The Green Guerrillas fight for the development of parks in empty lots. She goes on for quite some time about a study stating that crime goes down when concrete is replaced with grass. For quite a while Blumberg varies between talking with Sue and getting shots of the park.

1:13:45Copy video clip URL Sound cuts out momentarily but returns with a minute. Video transfers to scenes of city life with Blumberg talking to a few people and then transitioning to filming a man playing what looks like a sitar.

1:16:31Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Blumberg’s wife, Jane Aaron, and child, Timothy, on a city street while Timothy plays with the camera.

1:17:20Copy video clip URL Blumberg begins filming a store front and sound cuts out for the rest of the video with only intermittent returns.

1:18:15Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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