[The 90’s raw: NYC streets #4]

Raw footage shot for The 90's. In this tape, Skip Blumberg, the videographer, wanders around different parts of New York including Chinatown and a homeless enclave, talking to various people. Segments include: workers shirt pick-up, Chinatown, Tee Pee, Irene, Princess, Fed Ex.

0:00Copy video clip URL Blumberg enters an elevator going down and then moves out to the streets of New York, “this is a show about the streets.” He continues walking down the streets of New York.

2:16Copy video clip URL Blumberg tapes a man, Luis Figaroa, transporting polka dotted dresses from an upper floor balcony to a truck at street level by way of a zipline type system. Blumberg chats with the man for quite some time. They talk about his work, New York, and various other topics. Many people laugh at the contraption. They also talk about commercial television and the terrors of advertisements. The dress manufacturer comes outside and chats with Luis for a bit before the camera cuts out.

18:44Copy video clip URL Figaroa’s cousin comes down from the balcony and he talks with Blumberg for a bit before both drive off in the van to deliver their dresses. Blumberg films different parts of the street, talking with some people on Walker and Lafayette. Moves on through Chinatown to an open air fish market. Films some of the live crustaceans and then continues on speaking to people on the street.

28:23Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks to the editor telling them he doesn’t feel like talking because he’s sick and so just films a lot of different scenes with a unifying theme in mind.

29:40Copy video clip URL Begins filming a tee pee and a large decorative gate, several takes. Blumberg seems to say something about the tee pee but it’s rather difficult to hear. He enters the junkyard that holds the tee pee. Seems to be a homeless community with several ramshackle huts and houses scattered around the lot. Moves to some kids playing baseball. Comments several times, “some people like to be on TV, some people don’t.” Continues wandering around filming people at their everyday tasks.

36:59Copy video clip URL Makes a direct comment to the editor while continuing to wander around New York. Begins talking to a woman who is an assistant broker. They talk about New York City.

42:22Copy video clip URL After a brief blue screen Blumberg returns to filming the aforementioned woman. Subsequently moves on to wandering around New York. Spends some time filming a demolition crew and then begins talking to a woman named Princess. She is walking to Prudential Security where she seems to work. He zooms out to catch the skyline and then cuts to a shot of a statue of Benjamin Franklin. Takes a shot of a statue of Horace Greeley and a municipal building. Continues to film various parts of New York while going to Federal Express to mail the tape being recorded.

50:57Copy video clip URL Blumberg enters FedEx and begins chatting with the man behind the counter while he prepares his package.

52:59Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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