[The 90’s raw: Venice Beach #1]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. The tape begins with an interview about a CD-ROM produced in conjunction with Time Magazine that chronicles Operation Desert Storm. Then, Maxi Cohen tours California's Venice Beach, showing us some of its usual characters. Included are: a man with a Safe Sex plant (with condoms for leaves); a "peace scroll," a giant petition urging the United Nations to make peace in the Persian Gulf; a hip-hop dance group; and Echo Man, a man who has the ability to make his unaided voice sound as if it is echoing.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video opens with a “Teach Love not War” scroll on which people write or draw messages of peace. Rap music plays in the background. A man writes his message of peace with marker. The camera cuts to a brief shot of a house where people dance on the porch.

03:27Copy video clip URL A woman talks about a project in conjunction with Time Magazine about Operation Desert Storm. They have created a CD-ROM that chronicles the war by collecting all the articles and correspondences, and some sound bytes. She explains how to use the disc and its menu. She shows strategy maps, correspondences, and the index, and talks about the hope for CD-ROM capabilities in the future.

08:06Copy video clip URL Cuts to a computer that shows a lion screensaver.

08:35Copy video clip URL Cuts to footage of a street, where cars drive by. Then, footage of the videomaker’s feet walking across some streets.

10:44Copy video clip URL Cuts to footage of people walking down a street in summer clothing, but the audio is just a high-pitched buzz.

12:09Copy video clip URL Cuts to a public area, where there is a tarot card stand, and then more footage of people’s feet. The videomaker interviews a man who explains an opinion poll being conducted by the Libertarian Party. They ask questions like, “Whose decision is it to buy a gun?” and other questions concerning political issues. He talks about the similarities between the Democrats and Republicans, and criticizes perceptions surrounding Libertarians. The members of the Libertarian Party are for laissez-faire economics and civil rights.

15:57Copy video clip URL Cuts to a vendor selling his art, including “safe sex plants,” which have condoms as flowers, and can be used to hold unused condoms. He says they are popular with teenagers, and he sells them often.

18:10Copy video clip URL General shots of people walking around, and then there is a drummer and a juggler. The camera then pans back to the peace scroll, and a man’s voice explains that they are going to bring it to the United Nations on May 22nd. The camera shoots close-ups of the peace scroll, which says, for example, “Love is the Answer,” and “Let peace begin with me!” The videomaker approaches the man who is watching over the scroll, and he explains that it began on Valentine’s Day, and soon will be officially presented to the United Nations. He says that some people have spit on it, and have tried to rip it up. The audio starts to buzz in the middle of the interview.

24:22Copy video clip URL People are dancing in front of a house, and the audio returns.

25:11Copy video clip URL The Echo Man briefly performs for the camera. His voice sounds as though it is echoing, and he entertains the passing crowd.

25:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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