[The 90’s raw: Vietnam Wall and Scandal Tour]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Eddie Tape #25: (Continuation of Tape #24). Becker and a companion interview people at the Vietnam Wall about teaching peace and nonviolence in schools. Then, Becker goes on the Scandal Tour of Washington, a comedy tour that takes people on a bus to locations where scandals have occurred, while impersonating historical figures.

00:00Copy video clip URL At the Vietnam War Memorial, Becker’s companion approaches people to ask about their feelings on peace studies. The first man, in a wheelchair, feels we should show children what war and violence really are.

04:10Copy video clip URL At the Vietnam Wall, Becker approaches more people, including children. One young boy has been fighting in school and the mother talks about her problems with trying to get him to stop resorting to violence. She disapproves of violence in cartoons, and talks about Jesus being a solution. On TV, she wants “less violence and less sex…. You feed them this, and they sensitize to this… That’s morbid.”

17:54Copy video clip URL A man who used to be in the army really respects the wall, and thinks it is important to educate the youth of America. His wife says most wars end in peace treatises anyways, so peace should be integral in learning about history.

22:05Copy video clip URL A ranger working at the wall can tell you where the name you are looking for is, and he says that one couple wanted to get married. They don’t allow gatherings that prevent people from looking at the wall, and have regulations for groups with tables.

26:38Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to the Scandal Tour bathroom and dressing room. A man is getting dressed as the president of the US, and puts on makeup to become George H.W. Bush. As he does this, he explains that the tour goes around to sites of US history scandals around Washington, D.C while impersonating the presidents. As he becomes Bush, he starts speaking in a Southern accent, and using the same kind of rhetoric.

40:01Copy video clip URL Outside the bathroom, the actors of the Scandal Tour joke and impersonate for the camera. The tape cuts to the exterior of the hotel where the Scandal Tour is centered, and “Bush” explains that this is also where Reagan was shot. A trolley arrives and drops off tourists. Back inside, more actors arrive, including “Dan Quayle.”

47:05Copy video clip URL The founder of Scandal Tours explains how the idea got started. Many of the actors start imitating him as he speaks.

49:03Copy video clip URL On the bus, the Tour begins with Sam Donaldson and an audio tape of Marion Barry. “Bush” makes everyone say a slightly altered Pledge of Allegiance, and talks about various scandals. The crowd receives all the jokes well, as the bus goes around Washington and points out famous buildings.

58:33Copy video clip URL Fawn Hall (a woman involved with Iran-Contra) comes on the bus, and the tour continues. G. Gordon Liddy makes an appearance, and Marilyn Monroe talks about JFK’s love life.

01:07:00Copy video clip URL Bush comes back to introduce Mrs. Roosevelt as the bus passes the Lincoln Memorial and the George Washington Monument.

01:15:00Copy video clip URL Paul Harvey talks about the origin of the city of Washington, and introduces Ronald Reagan.

01:21:07Copy video clip URL A woman talks about the Gary Hart scandal, and they get off the bus and go through an alley to a garage door where the Donna Rice / Gary Hart incident came to light.

01:32:03Copy video clip URL Back on the bus, the woman reintroduces Harvey, who in turn introduces Douglas Ginsburg (a nominee for the Supreme Court who was rejected for smoking pot in college).

01:39:44Copy video clip URL Rita Jenrette (who was married to John Jenrette, an ex-congressman) leads the tour.

01:44:04Copy video clip URL A man for the FBI leads as they pass the FBI building, who introduces David Brinkley, who quickly turns it over to Marilyn Quayle, and Dan Quayle.

01:50:45Copy video clip URL Bush comes back to conclude the tour with patriotic music.

01:54:26Copy video clip URL Back inside the hotel, Dan Quayle jokes with the microphone. The footage continues in Eddie’s next tape.

01:55:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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