[The 90’s raw : War Celebration]

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Raw footage for The 90's. Celebration at the National Mall for soldiers returning from Desert Storm. The tape begins with shots of anti-war protesters arguing with war supporters, then moves to some military tents where soldiers are demonstrating weapons.

00:00Copy video clip URL Segment begins with the camera moving down the street

00:20Copy video clip URL Man’s reaction to counter demonstration, “Why, that’s terrible.” Man inquires for whom camera man Eddie Becker is shooting. Becker says he is working for a Japanese multinational corporation as the man walks away mid-explanation.

00:34Copy video clip URL Cut to protesters walking down the sidewalk. Unseen man heard yelling, “Go burn!”

00:44Copy video clip URL Cut to a protester with a sign saying “This vet says war sucks.”

01:02Copy video clip URL Man responds to a protester’s question with a tangent about Russia.

01:20Copy video clip URL Walk between protesters and what appear to be members of the Navy blocking access to a helicopter.

02:13Copy video clip URL After a returning black soldier emphatically defends his role in the war, an elderly female protester with an accent says to Becker, “He doesn’t know that next they will attack the blacks, that they will kill all the blacks. Stupid man. Next it will be you, stupid black man.”

02:57Copy video clip URL Man wearing U.S. flag bandana yells, “Don’t give them what they want.”

03:21Copy video clip URL “If I can ruin a war celebration I will.” Protester defends his stance and his “Desert Shame” sign.

05:50Copy video clip URL Pro-war supporter rationalizes his opinion of U.S. actions in Iraq with a comparison to Rome.

06:01Copy video clip URL Pro-war supporter runs into the circle of people yelling. He eventually says, “Just ignore them. The media won’t capture anything.”

06:43Copy video clip URL Anti-war protesters begin singing “Give Peace A Chance.” Pro-war side boos, laughs, and makes comments throughout.

08:23Copy video clip URL Anti-war protester makes a comment about twenty thousand oil wells, which prompts a shirtless pro-war supporter with beer in hand to reply, “Dude that’s your asshole talking when your mouth knows better.” Same women laugh.

08:41Copy video clip URL When asked why he is shaking and if he is nervous, an anti-war protester replies, “Am I nervous? Of course I’m nervous, I’m stating my opinion in front of about a hundred people who might decide to beat my face in for doing so.” Pro-war woman says, “Yeah, we’re civilized.” A shirtless man responds that they are civilized but he is a “fucking nut-case.”

09:44Copy video clip URL The same shirtless man says, “You only come out to start shit” and a woman on pro-war side covers camera with her hand. Debate continues.

10:45Copy video clip URL Female anti-war protester asks about the quality of life in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

11:22Copy video clip URL Pan back to singing protesters and man with the “Desert Shame” sign.

12:09Copy video clip URL Cut to women on opposing sides arguing, during which a man’s face comes into the shot and he yells, “Aren’t you really just disappointed that it didn’t last long enough?” Then leaves quickly.

12:38Copy video clip URL Same pro-war man off screen yells, “You’re nothing but a bunch of fuckin’ exhibitionists.”

13:44Copy video clip URL Closer shot of helicopter.

14:04Copy video clip URL A young anti-war protester uses the phrase, “Brothers and sisters” while speaking and is ridiculed. Pro-war man says, “Oh, dying! Dying! Dying! Change the story already! Jesus Christ.”

15:00Copy video clip URL A former Air Force medic is interviewed. Becker asks for his definition of democracy, and the man shoots back the same question. Becker gives his definition of what democracy isn’t. “There’s a danger to the majority ruling the minority.”

18:08Copy video clip URL Cut to Marine explaining specifics of a machine gun and details its use and tactics related to it. The crowd, including children, circle around and listen to the Marine giving the presentation.

23:00Copy video clip URL Marine explains that you don’t want to waste valuable ammunition on a single target. Refers to enemies as “dudes.”

24:16Copy video clip URL “It is a meat grinder and it will chew you up.”

25:19Copy video clip URL “There are stupid and dumb enemies out there, and we have proven that.”

26:45Copy video clip URL The average marine, with equipment and his own body weight, comes to around 450lbs.

27:34Copy video clip URL Cut to plaque displaying statistics of the M60 machine gun.

27:39Copy video clip URL Cut back to same Marine explaining that “anything that’s got to do with combat, there’s no women in it.”

28:18Copy video clip URL Marine signs an autograph and answers personal questions.

28:43Copy video clip URL Cut to soldier explaining the internal mechanics of a grenade launcher.

30:01Copy video clip URL A child plays with and pretends to shoot a .50 caliber machine gun.

30:51Copy video clip URL Becker interviews a child, asking what he wants to be when he grows up. The child responds that he doesn’t know but is considering being a script writer, just a plain writer, he has considered the service, but also is considering being a marine biologist.

31:52Copy video clip URL Child says he wants to be a jet fighter when he grows up.

32:16Copy video clip URL Pan of crowd to a truck with a missile launcher attached, then to the Washington monument and then back. Becker does a quick interview with a woman who isn’t too enthused. She believes that the Washington Monument, in this context, looks like a giant missile.

33:32Copy video clip URL Soldier explaining a type of cluster bomb, officially known as the CBU-57/B

34:55Copy video clip URL Family with a child talk to the soldier. The father asks, “Can you smile for the soldier?

35:28Copy video clip URL Weapon’s cost is thirteen thousand dollars.

36:59Copy video clip URL The bomb is capable of punching a hole through 5 inches of solid steel, and can also punch a hole through quarter inch steel 35 feet away. The bomb can destroy everything, with the exception of tanks, in an area the size of two football fields.

40:00Copy video clip URL Women, kids, and two soldiers take a picture with everyone wearing gas masks and body armor.

42:07Copy video clip URL High ranking Navy officer signing autographs in front of a Tomahawk missile display. Some discussion takes place about its price.

43:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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