[The 90’s raw: who should be president questions from Cambridge, MA]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, people are interviewed about who they would trust to be president. Among the answers are Niels Bohr, Patricia Ireland, Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Bill Moyers, "a born-again Christian who believes in the Bible," and Jesus Christ (because there wouldn't be gays or fornication). One of the more notable interviewees is the Vice Mayor of Cambridge, who suggests W.E.B. Dubois. [The spelling of their names is approximate.]

00:00Copy video clip URL Someone tests the microphone and says that we are at M.I.T.

00:20Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to Tom Pendleton, who says that (other than himself), he trusts Tom Harkin of the announced candidates, and he wants more power to the people, and a president who “presides” rather than “governs.”

01:12Copy video clip URL A woman named Joyce Greenberg says she would trust anyone who rides their bike for transportation, works with gardens, and knows about the land.

01:59Copy video clip URL A man named Charles Brud says Niels Bohr because he doesn’t like people who hide the truth.

02:28Copy video clip URL Liza Blanc says that she goes to Brandeis and says she would trust Marian Edelman because “she represents both black, both minority, women” and cares about the underdogs.

03:01Copy video clip URL At Central Square, an older man says his name is Timothy Coleman, and he talks about changes in government as the only way to change the presidential office, calling presidents “figure-heads.” “We’d have to change the whole government from capitalism to socialism.”

04:05Copy video clip URL Kenneth Reeves is the Vice Mayor of the city of Cambridge, and he named W.E.B. DuBois if he were still alive, because he is “one of the few Americans that has always had a point of view that is broader than this society.” He also mentions Jesse Jackson.

05:52Copy video clip URL Mario Cuomo (the governor of New York), says Byron Whitfield, 17, because he has a message that covers the lower class. Whitfield talks about the economy and abortion as well.

06:35Copy video clip URL A man speaks in Spanish.

07:05Copy video clip URL A teen says she is named Robin Burges, 15, but she can’t name one single person, because doesn’t trust anyone.

07:32Copy video clip URL A man who does not speak English well does not name a single person but expresses distaste with war and Republicans, and wants a Democrat in office.

08:28Copy video clip URL A woman named Sarah Borden. She would trust Patricia Ireland because she wants a feminist in office.

08:53Copy video clip URL A woman who calls herself a feminist, and wants Faye Waddleton, the president of Planned Parenthood, who she thinks would be sensitive to many people’s needs. “I think it’s high time that minorities and women… get a fair chance in this country.”

09:47Copy video clip URL Rick Sancastro names Martin Luther King, Jr. and cites the Civil Rights movement.

10:16Copy video clip URL Jessica O’Connor, 15, and Stacy Kauffman, 15, trust Jesse Jackson to be the first black president.

10:57Copy video clip URL At Harvard now, Amy Brown doesn’t trust anyone but her father, who is a local businessman and concerned, honest and trustworthy. She is a student at Mount Holyoke College. She does three takes.

12:27Copy video clip URL Fran Lucas, a limo driver, doesn’t trust anyone because no one has earned her trust. She criticizes people in office.

13:02Copy video clip URL At Harvard Yard, an older woman named Charlan Ross from California names Harry S. Truman. She says he was the most honest person she has come across in her readings and experience.

13:35Copy video clip URL Karen from Oregon says we need another Abe Lincoln, because we need honest and moral and ethical values.

14:03Copy video clip URL Jeff Blumberg (A University of Massachusetts student) names Elizabeth Dole, because she knows what she’s talking about.

14:26Copy video clip URL At Harvard Square, Penny Williams names Spike Lee because she likes his just politics.

14:54Copy video clip URL Joshua Grant names Adlai Stevenson, who is dead but had good ideas and was honest.

15:43Copy video clip URL Suzanne Loico would not trust anyone because there is too much power involved in the office.

15:57Copy video clip URL A man dressed as a devil, Jim Dimayo, would trust only a Born Again Christian who believes in the Bible, “because Satan will drag your soul to Hell.”

16:28Copy video clip URL Joan Trackman wants to vote for Mario Kormel, and says Bill Moyers because she trusts him. She says that he makes some mistakes in judgment, but he is intelligent and balanced. She calls him a “caring amateur.”

17:35Copy video clip URL A man dressed as an angel, John DeAngeles, and he trusts President Bush to be president for an indefinite term.

18:10Copy video clip URL Michelle Rines would trust Jesus Christ because he has God’s word and there wouldn’t be any problems, such as AIDS, gays, abortion, teenage pregnancies, sex, or fornication.

18:41Copy video clip URL John Doe names Larry Bud Melman, and compares him to Paul Simon. “It can’t get any worse than what we have now.”

19:03Copy video clip URL A child is asked in Spanish, but the child doesn’t answer.

19:24Copy video clip URL Jeff Kemp says the president shouldn’t have any past experience with the CIA, and should have a clean slate.

19:55Copy video clip URL Chirad Williamson, a street performer, would choose Bill Moyers because of his integrity and intelligence.

20:37Copy video clip URL Erik Levin, a grad student of education at Harvard, thinks that people who run for president are acting in their own self-interest, and not for the interests of people in the rest of the country. He thinks “None of the Above” should be put on the ballot.

21:32Copy video clip URL James Moran names his friend to be president because she has a cute face and the coolest boots.

21:57Copy video clip URL Another man, Ara, names David Letterman, because he gives the public what they want.

22:21Copy video clip URL Lawrence McKinney would trust the Dalai Lama, because he does nothing except what helps people and is very compassionate. He shows a picture of the Dalai Lama, and wants to spread his philosophy to other realms such as finance.

23:39Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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