[The 90’s raw: who should be president questions from Moscow]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. In Moscow, people are interviewed about who they would like to see as President of the United States. The answers are rarely interesting, as most people admit that the question is very difficult to answer as a Russian. Many of the people work for newspapers in Russia. They all say their names as well, though they are not listed in the log.

00:00Copy video clip URL A student of the Moscow Linguistic University says that the question is too difficult to answer.

00:29Copy video clip URL Another student says that it’s difficult as well, but says that she likes Bush.

01:03Copy video clip URL Brief shot of Moscow from above, and then another student says “My sympathies are with George Bush.”

01:36Copy video clip URL A woman holds up Moscow News, a newspaper, and lists characteristics that she thinks would make a good president. The newspaper’s headline is “Presidential Mission for Peace.” She says he must be “a good psychologist.”

02:38Copy video clip URL A woman holds up a Russian newspaper, and she wants to see a man who understands Russian people. She doesn’t think superficial qualities are important.

04:09Copy video clip URL A man holds up a newspaper in German, and the cameraman instructs him to hold it there. He says it is a hard question because they have been wrong in the past about the American president, and that Americans themselves are good at choosing their leaders. “We are not used to a really democratic choice.”

06:19Copy video clip URL A man stands under a portrait. He says he is the “editor of the Moscow News English edition.” He says George Bush is a “good guy,” and he liked Ronald Reagan, even though he initially wanted Kennedy to win against Reagan.

08:20Copy video clip URL A man stands in front of a map, and says he is an analyst for the Moscow News Weekly. He wants to combine the ideas of John Kennedy with the style of George Bush, like Mikhail Gorbachev.

09:57Copy video clip URL A woman thinks Bush should continue to be president because she likes his attitude toward Russia, and his personality.

10:45Copy video clip URL A man in a messy office who works for a newspaper wants someone concerned with social issues and international relations, and does not think Bush is that person.

12:27Copy video clip URL A reporter for Moscow News Weekly who also favors Bush. “He’s a calm man, and he has a democratic position.” He doesn’t think the Soviet Union needs help from America, though.

13:01Copy video clip URL An older editor of the newspaper also wants a second term for Bush. He associates the reform during the era of Gorbachev with Bush.

14:27Copy video clip URL A journalist likes Bush as well.

14:44Copy video clip URL A columnist says she is not interested in who is president of America, but jokingly says she would like to see Gorbachev.

15:17Copy video clip URL A woman says that she doesn’t care.

15:42Copy video clip URL A man in a suit wants someone Russia can easily be friendly with, and that he likes that we are already friendly with Bush.

16:14Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, and a man prepares for his take. He is a stage director at a dramatic arts school. He wants to see the chief director of his school, and holds up a picture of this man.

17:32Copy video clip URL Another stage director with a beard wants an artist of some kind, maybe Kurt Vonnegut. Jokingly, he mentions Charlie Chaplin.

18:47Copy video clip URL An art critic says he does not know anything about America presidents besides the ones on dollar bills. The gallery in which they are standing is very loud.

19:41Copy video clip URL Another man in the art world stands in front of a painting, but much of what he says is unintelligible because of background noise.

21:16Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and a man sits in a living room. They speak in Russian. Then he says the choice of Americans is good, but he would like to see a president “strong enough to switch off conflicts.”

23:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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