[The 90’s raw: World Summit for Children]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Mostly tape from the World Summit for Children: people give speeches and musical acts play.

00:00Copy video clip URL Outside the FBI building, videomaker Eddie Becker inquires about tours. It doesn’t seem he’ll be allowed to tape inside the building.

03:16Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a field outside, where a lot of police with canine units are parked.

05:15Copy video clip URL A man examines a black headed sheep in a fenced ring. A woman with a loudspeaker explains her choice of the champion sheep. Now the rams enter the ring. The judge considers each ram for a time before eventually making her decision.

10:03Copy video clip URL Girls tend to some scarecrows sitting at a picnic table. Many children make scarecrows on the ground by stuffing hay into clothing.

14:21Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to Erika Becker near the Washington Monument. She says they are at the Children’s Vigil, a one day music festival. She leads the camera to a stage that says, “Take Pride in America,” and “World Summit for Children.” Erika Becker explains the significance of the vigil.

19:00Copy video clip URL Erika Becker interviews Raul Julia about why he is here, and he says “Nothing is more important than children… Without children there will be no planet.” There is a rainbow in the sky, and Erika talks to Jimmy Smitts about important issues. “The reason that we’re really here today is that children around the world suffer needlessly from hunger, and diseases that can be cured.”

22:21Copy video clip URL Another shot of the rainbow, and Erika holds the microphone up to a really young boy singing along with a young saxophonist and a radio. Erika then interviews the boys, who are 8 and 10 years old.

28:58Copy video clip URL People hold hands and run in circles with American flags in the background. The tape then cuts to a woman who introduces one of the men interviewed earlier onstage. He speaks about movements around the world. The tape cuts to the two young men seen earlier, now performing onstage.

38:01Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to a hip hop group performing songs encouraging people not to smoke.

43:04Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to someone holding a candle in the growing dusk, and then an emphatic speech by the other man interviewed before, asking people to sign a petition for the well-being of children. Various musicians then perform onstage.

50:40Copy video clip URL A procession begins, and people walk with candles and sing, with the Washington Monument in the background.

54:36Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and a man onstage performs with a guitar, “All we are saying / is give peace a chance” and other peaceful songs.

59:49Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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