The Best of Bill Veeck

This video features a compilation of baseball hall of famer Bill Veeck in a number of different conversations and interviews. Highlights include his commentaries on "Time Out!," a Chicago sports television show that aired in the early '80s, his interviews with Reggie Jackson, Rick Sutcliffe, and Ted Turner, interviews of Veeck himself in Wrigley Field and displaying his wonderful, colorful, and wise commentary about sports and life.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone along with countdown and WTTW station identification.

00:30Copy video clip URL “Time Out!” opening followed by introduction of this compilation video.

01:18Copy video clip URL Veeck’s appearance on “Time Out!” making an argument for and bemoaning the conspiracy against left handers in baseball.

04:25Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about the opening of baseball season as a great tradition. He continues by highlighting some of the great stunts that he pulled off (or tried to pull off).

06:30Copy video clip URL Interview with Veeck. He speaks about his heroes, including Babe Ruth, Hack Wilson, Jackie Robinson, Pete Gray, Satchel Paige, Joe DiMaggio.

10:18Copy video clip URL Veeck speaking about horse jockeys being the best conditioned athletes on Time Out!  He calls them the “only legitimate athletes we’ve got.”

12:30Copy video clip URL Veeck being interviewed by John Mengelt in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. He says that Cubs fans have it right because they know that this is the best place to watch a baseball game. He complains that during the playoffs, the bleachers are taken over by people in suits. “Baseball is still the greatest game there is.” He says that baseball is the sport where more last place teams beat more first place teams than any other sport. He says that Wrigley is the best place to watch a game, calling it the “epitome of pleasure.”

14:08Copy video clip URL Veeck sitting down with Reggie Jackson, who speaks about the challenge to still have the “eye of the tiger” at age 38.

15:20Copy video clip URL Recently acquired Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe speaks with Bill Veeck in the saloon. They discuss his trade from Cleveland and his previous experience with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also discusses the differences between being a starting a pitcher versus a reliever. Sutcliffe believes that the fans do make a difference in the ball game. They also talk about pitching, including Sutcliffe’s preference for fastballs and the hook ball.

20:15Copy video clip URL Veeck at the saloon talking about his experience with his wife watching the Illinois State High School Basketball Championships, comparing his experience this year to years past.

22:10Copy video clip URL Veeck outside of Wrigley Field commenting on the scoreboard. He remarks that the scoreboard is probably the best mechanical piece of equipment in the city of Chicago. Inside the scoreboard, the operator explains how he does his job. Veeck goes on to talk about the unique nature of the scoreboard offering continuous scores for all games going on. He tells the story of how he got the scoreboard for Wrigley in 1937.

24:20Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about the future of baseball while seated in the bleachers at Wrigley. He says, “Oh there are so many things that are going to happen in 50 years.” He goes on to criticize the owners who have let the salaries go so high in sports, claiming that they have “let things get out of control because of maximized profits…or egos.”

27:10Copy video clip URL Veeck on the set of “Bill Veeck’s Saloon” joking with producer Tom Weinberg as he waits for taping to begin. He sings, “Cecilia” briefly, then goes into taping.  His commentary this time is about being terminated as a program, which moves into a caution about how television has taken over control of baseball.

30:16Copy video clip URL Veeck talks with Ted Turner about the challenge of making money in baseball.

30:45Copy video clip URL Veeck in another appearance of “Time Out!” talking about spring training, which brings out the dreamer in everybody.

33:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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