[The Bill Veeck Show compilation]

This tape features excerpts from a few different episodes of the "Bill Veeck Show."

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shot of Veeck’s television set followed by intro opening of show.

1:20Copy video clip URL “Assault on a Sunday Afternoon.” Show appears to focus on the role quarterbacks play in football. Very technical. Pretty nonsensical to a person unfamiliar with football strategies. Sid Luckman and Johnny Unitas are guests. Luckman offers some analysis of the T Formation offense created by George Halas.

05:44Copy video clip URL Unitas comments that the game of football has changed, particularly defensively. Unitas talks about the match-ups on the offensive and defensive lines, and the ways to protect the quarterback from strong defensive linemen. They talk about the movement for quarterbacks to run with the ball or those who choose to stay in the pocket.

12:55Copy video clip URL “Music and the Dance.” Teens dance to rock music behind bead curtain. Carmelita, who is Maxim’s female disc jockey, John of Tower Records, and Mary Frances Veeck are guests. The Veecks struggle to understand the popularity of rock music and the way teenagers dance to it. They debate accusations that this music is suggestive. Veeck is very hung-up on the fact that these dances are solo dances instead of being an excuse to get close to a partner. Carmelita says that mod fashion is designed to be the easiest clothes for dancing. Mary Frances expresses outrage at women who run around with their hair loose, and Veeck expresses a similar sentiment about women who wear slacks and shorts.

25:09Copy video clip URL “Heart-Lung Machine.” Veeck joins Dr. William Neville and Clarence Colby from Hines Hospital, who explain the machine used in the operating room to keep people alive while surgeons operate on patients.

28:49Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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