The Fall of Lenin

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. In Cracow-Nova Huta, Poland, citizens rejoice as the statue of Lenin lies on the ground.

0:00Copy video clip URL “I remember this avenue – Avenue of Roses – and there is nothing I would like better than to see the Avenue of Roses exactly like it was before.”

0:15Copy video clip URL “If the Pope had stood here, that would have been ok, but not THAT one.”

0:21Copy video clip URL “All citizens of Nova Huta are so glad that man is not here anymore. Even kids say he was a bad man.”

0:30Copy video clip URL “He was unwanted here. I rejoice at his absence. Now there is holy calmness.” “For whom?” “All of us. There is no disturbance or confusion anymore. We WERE in some riots here.” “So now there is a joy among the people?” “Of course.” “Was this a gift for Poles?” “Certainly. At least for some of them.” “Even now, in spite of these hard times?” “Yes.”

1:10Copy video clip URL “I hope everyone is satisfied. As long as he stood here, there was no peace to be had in Nova Huta. And now there is hope it will be quiet.” “What do you mean?” “Simply, there were many street fights. Lenin impoverished our world. That’s why he was removed. It was a mistake to put him here. Without Lenin, our country would have been much better off.

1:42Copy video clip URL “It gave nothing, only separated people from each other.”

2:07Copy video clip URL “From the very beginning, my impression was that his monument was raised here contrary to the citizens’ will – a forced system, by a ruling clique. It would be good if Cracow’s streets and squares were given back the old names, not ones imposed from the East. We have many of our own leaders – Polish patriots – and in their memory, these places should have returned their original names.”

3:04Copy video clip URL “Lenin was a revolutionary. He destroyed capitalism. But Lenin said to the nation: if Communism could not prove itself in 50 years, he would recall it.



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