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Tape of some sort of meeting with Puerto Rican community members. The meeting is conducted entirely in Spanish and seems to be mainly geared toward organizing the community against a corrupt school administration and end of American Imperialism.

0:00Copy video clip URL Man speaks about a dissatisfaction with the administration of a school and the need to organize the community to get improvements. There was a proposal of dividing the education system into three categories, education for those who could speak Spanish fluently, intermediately, and little to none though it was rejected. 

1:15Copy video clip URL Woman introduces someone. Man speaks to a crowd of people with Puerto Rican heritage in Chicago about imperialism in the world.

5:58Copy video clip URL He publicly recognizes two people Mara Sigue and Michael Dosh two important individuals that helped in Puerto Rico’s fight for independence. He talks about the deprivation of social services in Puerto Rico.

9:55Copy video clip URL He talks about visiting other countries and they show the same support for national liberation, furthermore he goes on to say that they are at Puerto Rico’s service to assist in achieving their goal. He says imperialism has run its course and there lies no future for it.

16:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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