The Last Supper: Saralin at Home

Transferred from 1/2" open reel.

00:01Copy video clip URL The tape opens on Saralin, who is pulling on some tall boots. The camera pans to show the rest of the room, which includes several portraits. Saralin cleans up a bit around the kitchen. She then moves to the bedroom where she brushes her hair and gets dressed.

03:20Copy video clip URL Saralin can be seen going through a bag on the floor, and then the camera moves to look out the window at the street below. We then see the same woman turn the lights off and leave the apartment.

04:48Copy video clip URL The camera follows Saralin down the stairs and we see her outside throwing out her garbage.

05:14Copy video clip URL The videographer instructs Saralin on what do, telling her to talk by him and go ahead on down the street.

05:45Copy video clip URL Saralin is seen again in the train station, buying her ticket.

06:10Copy video clip URL In an old building, Saralin speaks with another woman before that woman and another trot down the hallway.

07:01Copy video clip URL The camera shows a side-on view of a re-staged “The Last Supper,” a play on the biblical —with all women. The camera pans around the scene several times, showing the women themselves and other features of the set. It focuses for some time on the large tube TVs set up to the side of the set. The camera also shows various other cameramen and people on the set.

09:18Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to show the women more closely, and we hear them speaking. One woman pours water into the cups of several others. A director jumps in to give instruction, and the set erupts as people are able to converse freely.

11:15Copy video clip URL After another take begins, a producer yells out “Cut, we lost sound,” and the set again erupts in conversation. The camera then jumps in close to the women at the table as they discuss food and other innocuous things. The camera moves around the table, focusing on various women.

13:40Copy video clip URL Several of the women break out in a haphazard song. One of them then begins something of a monologue, as the women begin to drink wine and eat. They all continue to converse as the cameraman moves about the table.

16:25Copy video clip URL The camera cuts and the producers prepare for a new take.

16:48Copy video clip URL The take begun, the cameraman focuses on the TVs positioned to the side of the set, before turning back to focus on the table. The cameraman also shows several people off-stage who are taking photos or simply observing.

19:56Copy video clip URL The camera cuts again to a new location, away from the set of before. Several women prepare for a function of some sort, getting dressed up in fancy clothes.

21:54Copy video clip URL The camera opens on a woman who is playing with her tongue and lips. The cameraman instructs her to move next to a TV so that he can create a “groovy” infinite mirror effect. The cameraman then zooms around the room, focusing on each person in the room individually.

24:37Copy video clip URL The tape ends.



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