The Money and The Movement

Reverend Jesse Jackson and his economic movement

0:20Copy video clip URL Channel 5 news TV Special

0:30Copy video clip URL Man preaching. Crowd chanting.

1:25Copy video clip URL Reverend Jessy Jackson underwent scrutiny.

2:33Copy video clip URL Barbara Reynolds is interviewed. Reynolds, reporter and author, says the Reverend wants to go down as the number one black leader in America. She discusses his place in history after the assassination of King. 

6:48Copy video clip URL Reverend Jackson interviewed. 

7:35Copy video clip URL The first audit was not due to race or politics.

10:25Copy video clip URL Operation Push. 

15:05Copy video clip URL Jackson argued that there can be no improvement in civil rights when blacks are denied economic rights. 

15:30Copy video clip URL Baltimore state senator, Clarence Mitchell interviewed. 

17:00Copy video clip URL William Samson, Northwestern Sociologist and urban affairs expert.

20:25Copy video clip URL Noah Robinson statement.

22:10Copy video clip URL Preachers appeal to Jackson to save south side housing. 

22:46Copy video clip URL Jackson endorses President Jimmy Carter.

25:00Copy video clip URL Objection to Jackson candidacy has to do with credentials/qualifications. Senator Clarence Mitchell and Attorney Thomas Todd speak on this.

27:11Copy video clip URL Reverend Jesse Jackson has a list of liabilities, one being accountability. Scrutiny will involve controversy.  

27:44Copy video clip URL Jackson preaches. 

28:52Copy video clip URL End of tape. 








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