The Monumental Work of Marc Chagall

Chuck Olin's documentary on the making of Marc Chagall's America Windows created for the Art Institute of Chicago.

00:00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Saint Paul in the South of France, home to Marc Chagall. Chagall discusses the stained glass windows he is going to make for the Art Institute of Chicago

00:01:56Copy video clip URL Charles Marq, who is collaborating with Chagall on the windows observes the light at the Art Institute.

00:02:41Copy video clip URL Marq in his workshop in France talks about Chagall as an artist.

00:03:55Copy video clip URL Footage of glass being made and shaped in the kiln. Marq in his studio drawing a small model of the windows.

00:07:19Copy video clip URL Marq and assistants work with the design for the windows. The narrator speaks about the process of creating a stained glass piece from this design.

00:9:26Copy video clip URL Chagall and Marq in separate interviews, talk about their collaboration.

00:10:41Copy video clip URL Marq studies different pieces of glass, deciding on colors for the windows.

00:13:19Copy video clip URL Footage of the glass cutter at work, starting from a trace design made by Charles Marq. The unfinished pieces are packed up and brought to Chagall.

00:17:26Copy video clip URL Chagall in his studio makes revisions on the windows and adds the final details.

00:20:38Copy video clip URL The windows arrive in Chicago, and are installed at the Art Institute.

00:22:18Copy video clip URL Footage of the finished windows at the museum.

00:24:36Copy video clip URL [Text on screen] “On May 15,1977, The America Windows of Marc Chagall were dedicated at The Art Institute of Chicago in memory of Mayor Richard J. Daley.” Credits.



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