The Night Owl Show

A weekly show broadcast on Fridays at midnight on Channel 6, Woodstock TV, in Woodstock, NY. The show features a diverse range of segments from series producer Nancy Cain and her collaborators.

00:20Copy video clip URL Station logo: “The Night Owl Show, next on Channel 6.” 

00:31Copy video clip URL Title cards, with introduction from Jason Ragan: “Good evening you suicidal vermin. Good evening you poison-clutching demons. Good evening to all of you death lovers. People have told met that all you want to do is find the way to dramatically die. Well tonight you will not die, but I will kill you!”

01:20Copy video clip URL The Karen Silkwood Cantata: A melancholy song about Karen Silkwood plays over footage of cars on a highway.

02:45Copy video clip URL Louise Bernikow reads a poem about suffering from cancer. 

3:14Copy video clip URL Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks about the devastation caused by cancer. 

03:55Copy video clip URL Videomaker Nancy Cain discusses the disaster at Three Mile Island, which was caused by “human error” and not “human hair.” Footage of a newscaster mistakenly ascribing the disaster to “human hair.” 

04:19Copy video clip URL More of Bernikow’s poem. 

04:59Copy video clip URL Caldicott asserts that Albert Einstein foresaw the destruction that could be caused by his discoveries.

05:29Copy video clip URL Molly Rush, activist and one of the Ploughshares Eight, talks about her collaborators who are still in prison for their destructive acts of civil disobedience at a factory creating parts for nuclear weapons. 

07:36 Night Owl logo. “The Surf Report from Kauai, Hawaii.” Footage of Hawaiian coastline. Shots of people foraging for mushrooms while Hawaiian music plays on the soundtrack. 

10:46Copy video clip URL A middle aged white couple discusses the use of dangerous and experimental pesticides on Kauai. 

11:40Copy video clip URL Segment end credits: “The Surf Report, from Kauai, Hawaii. Music, Gabby Pahinui. The Night Owl Show.” 

11:59Copy video clip URL A Private Moment: A man opens a can of sliced pineapple, drops a piece of pineapple but picks it up and eats it anyway. 

12:42Copy video clip URL Bikers: A man and a woman get on a motorcycle and drive off down the street. 

15:00Copy video clip URL Caesars Palace Pool, Las Vegas: Wandering through the streets of downtown Las Vegas in conversation about the facilities. 

16:05Copy video clip URL Standing by the pool with Harry Eisner who discusses the celebrities he’s seen at the hotel pool, including NFL player Lynn Swann, Dr. Stewart Fischer, and some professional tennis players that aren’t named. Footage of the tourists floating in the pool.

17:35Copy video clip URL Comedian Alan King, wearing a cowboy hat, talks about the appeal of Las Vegas. He tells a joke that videomaker Nancy Cain has to explain to her colleague Jody Sibert. 

18:47Copy video clip URL The Night Before the Woodstock Jazz Festival: Images of an elaborate grouping of cymbals being struck and reverberating. The musicians include legendary drummer and composer Jack Dejohnette, Nana Vasconcellos, and Collin Walcott. 

21:35Copy video clip URL End credits. “The Night Before the Woodstock Jazz Festival: Produced through Media Bus Inc. by Nancy Cain, bart Friedman, Tobe Carey. Camera, Joel Gold. “Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace”: Produced by Nancy Cain, Maxi Cohen, Jody Sibert. Additional Camera, Joel Gold. “Bikers”: Teresa Mart Costa, Richard Comeford. Produced and recorded by Nancy Cain. “A Private Moment”: With Lester Nafzger. Produced by Nancy Cain. Additional Camera, Tobe Carey. “The Surf Report”: Produced by Bart Friedman, Nancy Cain, Jody Sibert, Elon Soltes. “Karen Silkwood Cantata”: Produced by Nancy Cain. Poet, Louise Bernikow. Doctor, Helen Caldicott. Reporter, Nancy Cain. Activist, Molly Rush. “Karen Silkwood Cantata” Composed and Performed by Julia Haines, Windharp. Camera: Nancy Cain, Bart Friedman, Joel Gold, Bill Marpet, Esti Marpet. “Jackson Ragan as the Night Owl.” “Night Owl Theme, Tony Allen and the Chimes.” “The Night Owl Show is conceived, produced, edited by Nancy Cain through the facilities of Media Bus, Inc., Woodstock. C. 1981. 

23:30Copy video clip URL Channel 6 Woodstock TV logo, followed by “The Star-Spangled Banner” performed by Joel Gold as the channel concludes its programming for the day. Gold performs a jazzy version of the national anthem at the piano. He holds up his checkbook as he finishes the song. 



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