The Search and the Gift

A documentary about one family's search for a kidney transplant and the gift they received from a generous friend.

00:00Copy video clip URL “The Search and the Gift” opens with film of facebook statuses from people waiting for kidney transplants.

01:26Copy video clip URL Anne Casale-Skinner talks about having polycystic kidney disease and needing dialysis or a kidney transplant.

01:54Copy video clip URL Mike Skinner: “My wife Anne needs a kidney. I don’t really give a shit about talking about the other stuff.” He had hoped to give her one of his own kidneys, but he couldn’t for medical reasons. So he turned to the internet, starting with facebook. He learned the most from

02:44Copy video clip URL Mike Skinner: “You can’t ask anybody to donate a kidney because it really it isn’t fair.” So he “put his story out there.”

03:54Copy video clip URL Mike & Anne talk about being discouraged at times, when it seemed like no one was responding to their story.

04:14Copy video clip URL Jennifer Boyd, a friend of Michael’s, talks about seeing his facebook posts. “I at least wanted to see if I was a match.”

05:10Copy video clip URL “There’s more to life than powerpoint and excel spreadsheets, you know,” Boyd says. Footage plays of her talking to a doctor about the risks of donating a kidney.

06:24Copy video clip URL A doctor tells Boyd that they will take her left kidney, and that her right kidney will grow to compensate, giving her close to 80% kidney functionality.

06:55Copy video clip URL Boyd talks about people’s reactions. They ask What? Why? and Who’s Anne?

07:30Copy video clip URL Anne Skinner talks about how she can’t wait to have the surgery and be recovered and feeling good again. She talks about the possibility that the kidney may only last 8-20 years, and that she will likely need another transplant in the future. “You have to take things one step at a time,” she says.

08:58Copy video clip URL Jennifer Boyd and her husband, Jim, arrive at the Skinner’s house in Boston in preparation for the kidney donation. Jennifer asks, “Why does it take this event to make people feel like, ‘make this moment count?'”

10:11Copy video clip URL Transplant day. Jennifer talks about her husband’s being supportive. “I think in the end, it’s just going to make us stronger.” There is definite anxiety about the surgery from Jennifer’s friends and family.

11:40Copy video clip URL A doctor talks to Anne about her surgery being delayed a few hours because of a liver transplant surgery.

12:34Copy video clip URL Ten days later. The Skinners hold a “Calling All Kidneys” party. Funds will be raised to thank and support Jennifer Boyd, who is able to videocall in to the event. Anne Skinner is present and healthy-looking.

14:30Copy video clip URL The couples, with both women out of the hospital now, hug each other and hang out together.

15:30Copy video clip URL Credits.



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