[The Way it Works and miscellaneous clips]

This tape features various segments, including a powerful opening silent segment on the electric chair; "Chicago: The Way It Works," a documentary on Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and the workings of Chicago City Council; a vintage commercial for "Like" soft drink for girls; short clips of "Chicago Tonight," including an interview with "Bob" the WTTW Image Union character; various clips of the Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith; and a short clip of the Rolling Stones in concert.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:14Copy video clip URL Opening shot of Indiana State Prison buildings from outside during winter. Film quickly moves to footage of an empty electric chair inside the building. The camera silently pans over the chair from various angles.

06:13Copy video clip URL “Chicago: The Way it Works” begins with footage and introduction of Richard J. Daley and moves quickly to an introduction of Chicago as a city, outlining demographics of citizens and the contrasts between neighborhoods.

09:43Copy video clip URL Return to shot of Mayor Daley as he sits in his chair with Chicago City Council. This segment outlines various Chicago aldermen such as 5th Ward Alderman Leon Despres, 4th Ward Alderman Claude W.B. Holman, and Alderman Thomas Keane, who is in charge of the finances.

13:30Copy video clip URL Outlining of committees and committee meetings on Chicago City Council.  Tour of the executive branch on the west side 5th floor of city hall, including Mayor Daley’s office. Narrator focuses on the immense power that Mayor Daley has in making decisions that affect many lives.

16:50Copy video clip URL Footage of Mayor Daley at political convention, in the role as Chairman of the Democratic Party, and further narration of Daley’s absolute control of the party, city council, and his cabinet.

19:26Copy video clip URL Interview with Mayor Daley, who comments on his leadership, along with the challenge and responsibility that comes with that leadership. He says that despite critics who say that government and politics should be separated, he claims that “good government is good politics and good politics is good government.”

22:30Copy video clip URL Narrator interprets the interview, noting that Mayor Daley says that you can’t run a city government without dealing with the politics of the city. He further outlines the breadth of power that Daley has in city, county, state, and national government and politics. Maintaining this control makes Daley someone who “gets things done.”

27:42Copy video clip URL Credits roll.

28:24Copy video clip URL Commercial for “Like,” the first and only soft drink for girls.

29:21 John Callaway signing out for “Chicago Tonight,” with credits rolling.

30:45Copy video clip URL Shot of televangelist Jim Bakker opening “Chicago Tonight” on Wednesday March 25 hosted by Bruce Dumont.

31:30Copy video clip URL Another opening of Chicago Tonight, featuring “Bob” the cardboard figure of WTTW’s Image Union on December 31.

32:27Copy video clip URL John Callaway opens the show and introduces “Mr. Bob” as the interviewee and asks him a few questions, to which he silently responds–or not…

33:10Copy video clip URL John Callaway signs out for Chicago Tonight.

33:23Copy video clip URL Song of WTTW 30th Anniversary, highlighting various images of Chicago and WTTW celebrities such as John Callaway.

34:12Copy video clip URL Pat Sajak interviews the Frugal Gourmet Jeff Smith on his talk show.

36:12Copy video clip URL Commercial for Florida tourism moves into Today Show spot with the Frugal Gourmet demonstrating various seafoods to the audience along with Today Show hosts Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley outdoors in Seattle.

41:28Copy video clip URL 1985 McDonalds Holiday Charity Parade hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Robert Urich. Parade highlights Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet.

42:48Copy video clip URL Interview with Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet on Evening Edition. Interviewer notes that Jeff is an ordained Methodist minister and chaplain, and footage cuts to Jeff speaking as a minister to a crowd about food and faith. A medical condition caused him to collapse and then to have a revelation through which Jeff said he encountered the Holy Spirit whom he promised to “never do anything again that wasn’t joyful.”

46:00Copy video clip URL Jeff describes his journey into television through Phil Donahue and his discovery that he can perform in front of a camera.

47:26Copy video clip URL Cut to Jeff at the Pike Place Farmer’s Market in Seattle and back to his kitchen where Jeff speaks about the difference between work and vocation.

48:43Copy video clip URL Jeff preaches to crowd as credits roll.

48:55Copy video clip URL Introduction of “Northwest Encounter” by hosts Hellen Houston and Dennis Hughes, with guest Jeff Smith.

50:33Copy video clip URL Cut to Jeff being interviewed on “Cool Company” discussing seafood.

51:33Copy video clip URL Cuts back to interview with Jeff conducted by Houston and Hughes. Houston asks about his various careers. Smith comments that his careers are not as inconsistent as they might appear.

53:40Copy video clip URL He speaks about the seemingly inconsistent terms “gourmet” and “frugal.” He says they put them together as an oxymoron as a way to promote discussion about these things.

55:30Copy video clip URL Houston asks him to comment on justifying this affair of food with so much poverty going on in the world. He responds that we each have to answer that for ourselves, and that we are asked by God to enjoy this earth and to be responsible for it as well. Smith also comments on his course, “Food, Sacrament, and Celebration” and the profound meaning of sharing a meal.

1:00:40Copy video clip URL Cut to Rolling Stones in concert.

1:02:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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