[The Yosemite National Institutes Field Science Programs: (1) Headlands (2) Yosemite]

Promotional videos for two field science programs from Yosemite National Institutes: The Headlands Institute and the Yosemite Institute. Both are nonprofit programs in Northern California which provide hands-on environmental education to students.

0:15Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

0:49Copy video clip URL Headlands opening title.

1:05Copy video clip URL Yosemite National Institutes opening sequence, narrated by Robert Redford.

1:39Copy video clip URL Redford discusses the Headlands Institute and its Field Science Program, then introduces a specific program that studies tidepool ecology.

2:16Copy video clip URL A naturalist teaches high school students about life in the tidepools. She prompts the students to think about how the animals living there have adapted to their environment and discusses a shore crab found by several students.

3:26Copy video clip URL Redford introduces another program at the Headlands Institute: the Coast Lab, which teaches students about adaptation through the study of local bird life.

3:42Copy video clip URL A Coast Lab instructor examines a specimen with students, asking students to hypothesize how the bird might hunt based on its characteristics.

4:13Copy video clip URL After a short piece of narration from Redford, students, with some help from their instructors, identify different birds they spot on a trip to a lagoon.

4:51Copy video clip URL Workers at the California Marine Mammal Center teach sixth graders about the center’s efforts to aid the recovery and rehabilitation of marine life.

6:15Copy video clip URL A sixth grader, Adam, talks about his experience at the Headlands. 

7:01Copy video clip URL An instructor helps students identify a cranefly pupa.

7:25Copy video clip URL Doug, a parent, talks about the way the Headlands Institute involves its students in the material through a hands-on learning process.

7:54Copy video clip URL Closing remarks from Robert Redford. Instructions for contacting the Yosemite Institute.

8:30Copy video clip URL Credits.

8:39Copy video clip URL Headlands Institute section ends.

8:52Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

9:25Copy video clip URL Yosemite Institute opening title.

9:41Copy video clip URL Yosemite National Institutes opening sequence, narrated by Robert Redford.

10:14Copy video clip URL Redford introduces the Yosemite Institute educational programs, leading into a lesson on yellow pine forests. An instructor gives a presentation on tree physiology.

11:15Copy video clip URL Students discuss animals they spotted in the wilderness of Yosemite and examine specimens of animals from the area. While catching insects, an instructor takes the time to discuss a particular specimen with students. 

12:22Copy video clip URL Two older students talk about their experiences in the educational program and how the program cultivates a supportive community between students over footage of a team bonding exercise where students, blindfolded, work together to find their way through a grove in Tuolomne Meadows.

13:29Copy video clip URL In Tuolumne Meadows, students circle around a giant sequoia. Redford provides additional information about giant sequoias in Tuolumne.

13:54Copy video clip URL An instructor gives a lecture on the geology of Yosemite, touching on the ways in which collisions of tectonic plates and glaciers passing through the area created the modern landscape of Yosemite, with additional commentary from Redford. Another instructor walks students through an interactive activity on the ways glaciers shape landscapes.

15:41Copy video clip URL A teacher from outside the Yosemite Institute mentions the benefits of working with instructors at Yosemite National Institutes, who have specialized knowledge in natural science. 

16:00Copy video clip URL Closing remarks from Robert Redford. Instructions for contacting the Yosemite Institute.

16:37Copy video clip URL Closing credits.



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