This Is A Test (24 minute edit)

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers.

0:00 This is a Test part one.

0:34 Program note. “Dallas” will not be on tonight because of this program.

0:42 Mitchell Kriegman in front of NBC building. He does his bit about how TV people are really just people.

3:21 Space station logo for This is a Test. Voice over and text explain the program.

3:56 “Hobo” by Tom Finerty. Excerpt from the Emmy Award winning documentary that examines the quickly vanishing vagabond culture in the United States. The song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” plays from radio HOBO over closeups of various hobos and passing landscapes.

5:44 “Viet Vet” by Ed Wierzbowski, Pam Roberts, and Tobe Carey. Subversive and strange personal recollections of the Vietnam War.

10:56 “More… From Woodstock.” Women play harp, guitar, and flute to create hippy folk music. Vocals come in later.

13:15 Man facing wall, talking stream-of-consciousness. You can only see his feet and a chalkboard saying 1970. He then flips the chalkboard so it says 1842 and then talks more.

14:18 Old men sitting on park bench. Interviews with old people on beach about food. Footage of people vacationing on the ocean. The old people then give advice about how to live your life.

18:32 Kriegman does his bit in front of store about music being all over the city and all over the world.

19:02 “Danger Man.” Footage of David Bromberg and his band playing. Somewhere in New Jersey. Interviews backstage with the band about touring life.

26:37 End of tape.



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