This Is A Test

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers. Note: Timecodes may be uniformly off throughout this log, as they come from the log of the 3/4" copy, which may not have the same program start time.

0:49Copy video clip URL This Is A Test part one. Mitchell Kriegman in front of NBC building. He does his bit about how TV people are really just people.

3:32Copy video clip URL Space station logo for This I A Test. v/o and text explain the program.

4:08Copy video clip URL “Hobo” by Tom Finerty. Excerpt from the Emmy Award winning documentary that examines the quickly vanishing vagabond culture in the United States. The song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” plays from radio HOBO over close ups of various hobos and passing landscapes.

5:16Copy video clip URL “Viet Vet” by Ed Wierzbowski, Pam Roberts, and Tobe Carey. Subversive and strange personal recollections of the Vietnam War.

10:51Copy video clip URL “More… From Woodstock.” Women play harp, guitar, and flute to create hippy folk music. Vocals come in later.

16:23Copy video clip URL “World Trade” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Tim Maul. Color video. Maul talks about people who have climbed the World Trade Center.

17:40Copy video clip URL Old men sitting on park bench. Interviews with old people on beach about food. Footage of people vacationing on the ocean. The old people then give advice about how to live your life.

21:55Copy video clip URL Kriegman does his bit in front of store about music being all over the city and all over the world.

22:24Copy video clip URL “Danger Man.” Footage of David Bromberg and his band playing. Somewhere in New Jersey. Interviews backstage with the band about touring life.

29:56Copy video clip URL Philadelphia. Sept. 26 1981. Coverage of Rolling Stones fans waiting for concert. The Stones perform “Under My Thumb.” Cab drivers share their stories of celebrity fares. Every famous person in the world gives better tips to cab drivers than Mick Jagger.

36:02Copy video clip URL New York City Oct 20, 1975. Cab driver talks the tricks he had to pull to be able to pick up Frank Sinatra.

39:21Copy video clip URL Ralph Pearl, Las Vegas. Talks about Frank Sinatra winning and losing big at casinos. Sinatra got paid his million dollars immediately after winning, but Sinatra wouldn’t pay when he lost $700,000.

40:49Copy video clip URL Bright flashing lights outside casinos with ‘Le Freak’ by Chic playing.

42:17Copy video clip URL End of Reel One, Color Bars for Part Two

43:07Copy video clip URL This is a Test Intro.

43:20Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman does humorous monologue about New York and commerce, until a payphone rings and he is told to introduce the next tape.

44:51Copy video clip URL Phone call from Jody Sibert plays on Nancy Cain’s answering machine. She talks about getting used to Hollywood and sends love from her and Elon Soltes. From The Surf Report.

45:49Copy video clip URL Interview with Bo Derek. Derek talks about producing movies with her husband, John Derek, and shows us w hat it’s like when she fires someone. The tape quality gets very bad here.

51:08Copy video clip URL Laurie Anderson performs “O Superman.” Some image problems in this section.

58:11Copy video clip URL Tape cuts out.



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