This Is A Test, part 1B

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers.

0:00Copy video clip URL Philadelphia. Sept. 26 1981. Coverage of Rolling Stones fans waiting for concert. The Stones perform “Under My Thumb.” Cab drivers share their stories of celebrity fares. Every famous person in the world gives better tips to cab drivers than Mick Jagger.

6:06Copy video clip URL New York City Oct 20, 1975. Cab driver describes the tricks he had to pull to be able to pick up Frank Sinatra.

9:25Copy video clip URL Ralph Pearl, Las Vegas. Talks about Frank Sinatra winning and losing big at casinos. Sinatra got paid his million dollars immediately after winning, but wouldn’t pay when he lost $700,000.

10:53Copy video clip URL Bright flashing lights outside casinos with “Le Freak” by Chic playing.



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