[This Is A Test part 2 raw]

Raw tape from "This is a Test," an experimental program highlighting independent video.

0:00Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman on boat, talks about what he’s going to say. He does his bit about the Statue of Liberty and sings “This Land is My Land” and points out the World Trade Center. He doesn’t know the words to the song and can’t sing well. He gets mad at the cameraman for not showing the things he’s pointing at. He sings the song a second time and makes the crew sing along. He talks about how TV is about people. He does another take.

7:10Copy video clip URL Kriegman yells questions at a passing boat.

7:44Copy video clip URL Kriegman sits on boat and talks with passengers about the program. It will be on Channel 10 NYC cable. They talk about whether people can understand the tape.

9:22Copy video clip URL Kriegman does another take of the Statue of Liberty bit. There is silent footage of the Statue of Liberty as the sun is setting.

13:48Copy video clip URL Still drawing of space station or satellite in outerspace. No sound.

16:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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