This Is A Test, Part II

Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers.

0:00Copy video clip URL This is a Test part two.

0:53Copy video clip URL Space station logo for This is a Test. Voice over and text explain the program.

1:05Copy video clip URL Mitchell Kriegman does humorous monologue about New York and commerce, until a pay phone rings and he is told to introduce the next tape.

2:37Copy video clip URL Phone call from Jody Sibert plays on Nancy Cain’s answering machine. She talks about getting used to Hollywood and sends love from her and Elon Soltes. From The Surf Report.

3:34Copy video clip URL Interview with Bo Derek. Derek talks about producing movies with her husband, John Derek, and shows us what it’s like when she fires someone.

8:53Copy video clip URL Laurie Anderson performs “O Superman.”

18:16Copy video clip URL “Snuff” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Tony Mascatello. Color video. An experimental short in which the performer drinks vodka and smokes cigarettes while covering his face and head with shaving cream. He then places a lit candle on his head and attempts to blow it out.

21:12Copy video clip URL Robert Monroe and Jason Krepps host a parody conference on “intellectualism.”

23:08Copy video clip URL Segment about the geometrical relationships in Maids of Honor (Las Menias) by the Spanish painter Diego Velasquez. Very bad image quality.

26:48Copy video clip URL Solidarity Day highlights. September 19, 1981. Studs Terkel reports on “the largest labor assembly in American memory.” Bad image quality. Interviews with workers all over the country who are unemployed or underemployed. The tape blames Ronald Reagan for the economic woes of the workers.

30:31Copy video clip URL End of part two.



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