This Old Car

Short comedy film starring Jim Belushi and Del Close.

00:15Copy video clip URL The host of the program, Bobby Viola (James Belushi), introduces himself in an auto garage, and welcomes the audience to the car show for “the cheapskate, the tightwad, the skinflint.” He introduces the rest of his crew, and promises to show the viewer how to pick up a car “for reeeeal cheap.”

01:40Copy video clip URL Viola and friends arrive at North Park and Eugenie. Pretending to be FBI agents, they stop a car, eject the driver and passenger and drive off; the cameraman, having climbed in with them, records their flight through the back window.

03:07Copy video clip URL Back in the garage, the gang investigates what may be found in the trunk, only to discover a bound and gagged man inside. Admonishing the viewer to “never get involved in other people’s problems,” Viola instructs one of his underlings to drop the car off at the airport.

04:14Copy video clip URL The gang visits an auto parts store. One of them fakes a seizure; while the clerks attend to him, Viola flagrantly shoplifts the merchandise from behind the counter.

05:28Copy video clip URL Back at the garage, Viola receives a massage from his secretary, who asks him to show her a “bondo job.” He leads her, and the camera, down to the lower level. There, a member of the gang responsible for refurbishing a car is discovered slacking off. Viola gives him a beer, and explains to the audience that junkyards are good sources for spare parts, but that avoiding rip-offs requires savvy.

07:02Copy video clip URL At a junkyard, some members of the gang attempt to break in, but are cornered by an angry German shepherd. Viola pays the owner $50 to let his friend go. 

07:57Copy video clip URL Back at the garage, Viola mentions some of the topics for next week’s show, including “phony titles, interstate fraud, and new vehicle identification numbers.”

08:23Copy video clip URL Credits.


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  1. Great seeing this again! Think I saw it on Channel 11 years ago.

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