This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 15: Developmental Psychology

AIR DATES: June 28, July 2, 1990


The show returns to Kenwood Academy, for conversations with students.  Predictably, they are livelier than the adults.  The camera crew hangs around the discipline office long enough to capture some drama, absurdity and tears.

The students candidly discuss their teachers and each other, with humor and nuance. Other encounters trigger some honest conversations about race relations and scholastic achievement.

The show closes with a particularly odd, touching interview with a young man who yearns to escape from school to achieve his life’s ambition — a job as a garbage man.

Production Notes:

Neither of the Kenwood Academy visits will make anyone forget Fredrick Wiseman’s great documentary, High School, but these two episodes were popular and ensured that Joe’s Basement would regularly feature documentary interviews.



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