This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 22: More Women On The Show

AIR DATES: December 10, 17, 1990


Many viewers had written and phoned in to ask for more women to appear on Joe’s Basement.  So, the producers obliged, heading out for woman-on-the-street interviews to “audition” new talent.

The women were asked to consider slightly unwashed bare feet, handle a giant wrench, and other tasks, which they were destined to fail.  They were also quizzed about their general views on men (the liveliest answers came, predictably, from a couple of gay men.)

Also, the Mole re-appears as a priest, and Joe receives the first of what would be a long series of letters from King Zeke of Planet Zarkum Frolinger.

Production Notes:

Fortunately, the series in fact already benefited from several lively female contributors, notably Kate Olsen and Michelle Heuer.

They didn’t get as much screen time as Joe’s slightly unwashed bare feet, but both would star in “Episode 30: Sex with Men.”



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