This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 23.5: New Year’s Eve 1991 Special

AIR DATE: December 31, 1990


Joe’s Basement’s time slot happened to land from 11:30pm to midnight on December 31, 1990.  Clearly, this was an irresistible opportunity to offer a noncommercial count down to the New Year.

Joe fires up the darkroom timer, which Mark then holds as a fig leaf, until he can’t stand it anymore.  The timer and the countdown are the focus of the show, taking center stage throughout.  Occasionally puppets pop up behind it to offer distraction, but often nothing is really going on.  Shouldn’t viewers be celebrating, not watching TV?

The timer, initially dead accurate, slips a minute or two during the show.  Finally, Joe pops in at three after midnight to announce that sorry, you missed the New Year.



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