This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 28: The Brain

Air Dates: April 8, 15, 1991


At the beginning of this episode, Joe opens a letter from a local radio DJ, Ron Britain of WJMK-FM, a Chicago Oldies station at the time. Britain reveals that he has also been receiving fan mail from King Zeke, and has stories to share.

What follows is a show-long meditation on a single topic, beginning with a split-personality monologue by Mark, a whimsical take on the more serious autobiographical revelations in “Moon Blob.”

Kate Olsen next embarks on a surreal, lonely quest for her Knight in Shining Armor, fending off one drooling idiot after another. Finally, a Knight arrives at her doorstep, also a mute imbecile – until she gives him a brain.

Mark returns in a lab coat to deliver a lecture on the structure and function of the human brain. As he details what is known of each area, he dissects it and drops into a frying pan. As he prepares to serve up some fried brain, it comes to life, protesting, “Please don’t eat my brain.” A musical duet ensues between the scientist and the brain.

Production Notes:

Although rubber toy replicas photographed much better, this show features several actual calf brains, fresh from Chicago’s meatpacking district.



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