This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 33: Communication By Touch

Air Dates: June 17, 24, 1991


King Zeke writes in yet again, enclosing a lottery ticket, a religious parable, and a picture of his cat.  He responds to his critics on the panel of experts which Joe’s Basement had commissioned to analyze his letters in Episode 29: Shooting Things:  “God judges people, not psychiatrists judging people.  Psychiatrists make money.  Money is the root of all evil.”

The crew then fields the viewer phone calls, which are less numerous and inspired than before, though still amusing.

Mark’s Science Lecturer returns, with the topic of the evolution of communication – from single-cell organisms to the internet.  As he talks he builds a machine, which is supposed to demonstrate his points, but instead provokes his lab assistants to dance uncontrollably.  Finally, he drops all scholasticism and joins them.



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