This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 43: The Great Mole Hunt

Air Dates: February 17, 24, March 2, 1992


Perhaps rattled by his nocturnal visions, Joe finds suspicious behavior all over the basement.  His conversations are being recorded, his movements watched, and ideas stolen.  Could there be a spy – a mole – in the organization?

Another panel of experts weighs in:  a dermatologist, a personal trainer, and another psychic.  They all agree – the Mole is up to no good.  Joe grabs him from his TV housing and imprisons him in the freezer (probably the series’ most remarkable visual effect.)

Unfortunately, the show’s only half over, and the remainder is devoted to a visit to a Health Club.  Yuppies turn out to be much less willing to bare their souls than mall rats, and little hilarity ensues.

Production Notes:

This episode was very, very loosely inspired by “The Shadow of the Mole” by journalist Ron Rosenbaum.



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