This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 50: The Igor Shuffle

AIR DATES: August 10, 17, 1992.


Fifty episodes is a milestone the Joe’s Basement crew decides to celebrate by throwing a party at a rented Wicker Park space called The Love Loft.  In this episode, viewers are invited to attend and given travel directions.

Hugh Moore returns as a mad scientist whose future self tries to warn him against killing his lab assistant.  The assistant and prof band together, bursting into a song-and-dance routine, but he kills him anyway.

Brent Fuller leads the camera crew on a tour of the Red Gate Woods, just outside of Chicago, which contain the world’s first nuclear waste dump.  The nearby picnickers prove hilariously unconcerned about its presence in the park.

Kris Hipps also weighs in with a story about the toughest girl in her small home town of Winona, Minnesota.

Production Notes:

This was the show Joe was writing when he sent Dan and Bob away, in “Episode 49: The Whole Story.”

Chris Schiller, a former Chicago Access Corporation employee, joined the team as a regular cameraman, and would work on almost every subsequent Joe’s Basement project.



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