Time Out at Sox

Camera original footage for the show Time Out. Harold Baines #1

00:00Copy video clip URL The film opens with a dim shot of a skyline, with a single bright light shining into the camera. As the camera moves and zooms, an interference noise shatters the silence.

01:18Copy video clip URL A clip shows a man with his underpants pulled way above his waistline. He smiles in jest.

01:28Copy video clip URL A new shot shows famed White Sox right fielder Harold Baines standing alone near the wall of a baseball field. He moves around a bit but does not become involved in the actual play. It’s clear from background noises and those of the crowd that play is continuing off-camera.

04:30Copy video clip URL Baines finally becomes involved in the play, as steps several yards to the side and catches an out — presumably the third, as he then runs to the dugout.

05:13Copy video clip URL The camera now pans around the stadium, from the upper parts of the stands down to the two batters waiting for their turn. The current batter smashes a home run, and Baines steps up to the plate. In three pitches, he has two strikes, before a weak hit that sees him caught out.

07:38Copy video clip URL Baines is back in the outfield, again remaining in largely stationary as he waits for the action of the game to come to him.

09:55Copy video clip URL Baines makes another running catch to switch possession. He runs to the dugout and dons his batter’s helmet.

11:30Copy video clip URL The crowd can be heard cheering on their White Sox as Baines again prepares for his at-bat.

13:05Copy video clip URL Baines steps up to the plate for another at-bat, and the camera pans suddenly up to focus on the white disc of the moon, far above the stadium. The camera does several pans and zooms between the moon and Baines before the tape suddenly goes dark

14:17Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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