Time Out, episode 105

This tape features a 1984 episode of "Time Out," a weekly sports program that is hosted by a number of Chicago area journalists and sportscasters. This week's commentators are John Schulian of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University's Men's Basketball team, WIND reporter Fran Spielman, and former NBA star John Mengelt. On this episode, the show's crew members visit the Golden Glove Amateur Boxing Tournament Semi-Finals. Chicago Cubs and White Sox Scouts Vedie Himsl and Jerry Krause are interviewed. Bill Veeck also makes a brief appearance.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen and sponsor info.

00:17Copy video clip URL Opening for the program.

00:40Copy video clip URL Dissolve into a shot of the program’s commentators discussing the newly created United States Football League, a short lived professional football league that became popular in the mid-eighties. At the time, the USFL season took place during the spring and summer months. The four discuss the positives and negatives of both the league and the Chicago franchise known as the Chicago Blitz. The four go on to talk about NCAA Basketball. McReynolds begins to talk about a recent game between Illinois and Purdue. The four debate over which team has more talent. They also talk about the Chicago Bulls and their possible playoff contention. The four go on to  compare Bulls attendance records to that of the Chicago Sting, which was part of the North American Soccer League at the time. They finally close by talking about the issue of Bill Buckner’s impending trade from the Chicago Cubs and the problems in the Chicago White Sox bullpen. This eventually cuts into a segment that features Bill Veeck talking about the meaning of Spring training in baseball.

08:56Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck weighs in on the beginning of baseball Spring training. “Spring training is the time of dreams and of hopes, when reality takes a holiday and every veteran is a wizard and rejuvenated, and every rookie is a potential Babe Ruth or a Satchel Page.” He goes on to talk about the fans’ profound effect on the spring training process as well, citing that they create a lot of the hype and excitement before the regular season begins.

11:05Copy video clip URL We then cut back over to the table in the back bar, where Schulian and Veeck are sitting down with Chicago Cubs Scout Vedie Himsl and Chicago White Sox Scout Jerry Krause. The four talk about the prospects of each ball club during spring training. Himsl talks about the potential of player Joe Carter, who was a rookie on the Cubs that year. Krause talks about the potential of third baseman Tim Hulett. Veeck compares Hulett to Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson. Schulian then asks the men who they believe are looking like they will be some of the best young players in baseball. Himsl and Krause proceed to talk about some of the other players on the Chicago farm teams that really impress them. Schulian then introduces a segment on amateur boxing and the Chicago Tribune Golden Glove Tournament.

18:07Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a man talking about the fighters involved in the tournament. “You know how it goes, I don’t have to tell you. Here they fight their heart out.” The interviewer talks to D.D. Lee, who runs the Woodlawn Boys Club on the south side of Chicago where many of the fighters involved in the fight tonight train. The interviewer speaks with Roy Smith who is fighting against the Golden Glove Champion from the previous year, Ron Amundsen, who is interviewed as well. Smith talks about his determination in reaching his dream. “It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream, and I want it bad. I’m not going to let anybody get in front of me to stop me from achieving the dream. I want to be someone. I want to be the best at what I’m doing now. This is just the beginning you know. If I make it here then better things might fall along. I’m just starting from the bottom now and working my way to the top.” Lee goes onto to talk about boxing being used as a deterrent for keeping younger men out of a life of crime and questionable behavior. “It’s important to them and it keeps them out of the street. It keeps them away from the gangs, the drugs, and that nightlife that seems to be running rampant today. And that’s why I’d rather the kids come to the gym, get good and tired, and go home and go to bed. And they learn discipline about themselves and they become very good citizens, ninety percent of them.”

20:14Copy video clip URL The fight between Smith and Amundsen begins as the announcer introduces each fighter. Schulian narrates as the fight unfolds. Ultimately, Smith ends up losing the fight even though he had performed much better throughout the bout. Both Smith and Amundsen are interviewed after fight. Smith states that he got robbed and that politics were involved in the decision. Audience member Frank Tomaso reflects Smith view of the fight as well stating that he won the fight. Tomaso also talks about the injustice found within the judges’ decision-making throughout Chicago amateur boxing.

23:59Copy video clip URL Cut back to the back bar table. The four main commentators talk about the importance of the Golden Glove Tournament and amateur boxing in Chicago, specifically serving as a social outlet for many young people who would otherwise be involved in negative behaviors. They go on to talk about their sports predictions of the past week and make predictions for the next week. The program ends shortly afterwards.

27:23Copy video clip URL The credits begin to roll and are followed by a number of promos and commercials.

29:30Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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