Time Out, episode 110

This tape features a 1984 episode of "Time Out," a weekly sports program that is hosted by a number of Chicago area journalists and sportscasters. This week's commentators are Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University's Men's Basketball team, WIND reporter Fran Spielman, and Sporting News Correspondent Dave Nightingale.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen and a promo.

00:26Copy video clip URL Opening sequence for the program.

00:50Copy video clip URL Dissolve into a shot of the three commentators at the back bar table. The narrator gives a brief summary of the program which includes: a visit from Loyola University Basketball Coach Gene Sullivan giving his take on the NCAA Finals, a commentary from Bill Veeck on the meaning of opening day in baseball, and an interview with the newly appointed Chicago Cubs President Jim Finks talking about the transition from football to baseball.

01:24Copy video clip URL Cut back to Gene Sullivan and the three commentators. The group talk about all of the elements that aided Georgetown in winning the title. They also talk about Loyola University shooting guard Alfredrick Hughes and his possible invitation to the Olympic team trials. This leads into a segment on the 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship.

07:38Copy video clip URL John Schulian of the Chicago Sun-Times narrates a piece on the Texas Western University Basketball team that went on to win the NCAA Championship in 1966. The team was the first to break the color barrier in college basketball. Coach Don Haskins recounts his time spent with the team and the discrimination that was prevalent during the time. “Up until that period, I know that I used to hear the word ‘quota’ mentioned very frequently on how many black players a team could have and all of a sudden if that game had did one thing, it might have put a lot of kids on scholarship around the country that might not have had an opportunity before. There’s one thing I never heard at Texas Western when I was there in the early sixties then or ever, I never heard the word ‘quota.'” Schulian goes on to talk about some of the players on the team. Guard Orsten Artis talks about his experience with Coach Haskins. He also recounts the championship game against Kentucky University.

11:27Copy video clip URL Cut back to the three commentators at the back bar, who comment on the 1966 Texas Western team. The three go on to talk about the Chicago Bulls, which leads into a collection of clips from in and around Chicago Stadium. Fans were given a chance to voice their opinions on the caliber of the team and their reason for attending basketball games.

12:52Copy video clip URL Many basketball fans inside Chicago Stadium talk about their reasons for attending Bulls games. One man states that he comes to games to root against the Bulls. A few others states that they are there to see Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas, who is from the Chicago area.

13:35Copy video clip URL Cut to Spielman introducing a commentary from Bill Veeck on the meaning of opening day.

13:42Copy video clip URL Veeck discusses the symbolism behind Opening Day in baseball. “Opening Days are memorable mostly for what shouldn’t have happened but did, or maybe it’s should have happened but didn’t. The game is, I guess they’re about even, I think. I never thought about it.” This lasts for several minutes.

15:46Copy video clip URL Cut back to the three commentators who continue to talk about the Chicago White Sox Opening Day performance. This leads up to the Time Out Sports Almanac segment.

18:04Copy video clip URL Time Out Sports Almanac segment rolls before leading into a interview with Jim Finks, President of the Chicago Cubs.

18:54Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Veeck introducing Jim Finks. Veeck asks Finks about his venture into the baseball world after being a part of the football world for twenty years. Finks expresses his excitement for the upcoming season and states that he had always had a desire to get into baseball. Veeck also asks Finks about the financial turbulence in the NFL, specifically about many of the teams either relocating or being sold to different owners. The two discuss the subject in great detail.

24:41Copy video clip URL Cut back to the commentators talking about the Chicago Cubs’ 1984 roster, specifically focusing on the turmoil over the possible trade of first baseman Bill Buckner. They go on to make their sports predictions for the week. The credits follow shortly afterwards.

26:48Copy video clip URL The credits begin to roll as the program comes to an end. This is followed by a promo.

28:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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