Time Out, episode 114

This tape features a 1984 episode of "Time Out," a weekly sports program that is hosted by a number of Chicago area journalists and sportscasters. This week's commentators are John Schulian of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University's Men's Basketball team, WIND reporter Fran Spielman, and All Pro Chicago Bears Safety Gary Fencik.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen, countdown, and a few promos.

00:42Copy video clip URL Opening sequence for the program.

01:05Copy video clip URL Dissolve into a shot of the four commentators sitting at the back bar table on the set of “Time Out.” The narrator gives a brief overview of the program. Bill Veeck gives a commentary on the New York Yankees, Dean of Chicago’s Turf Riders Dave Feldman previews the Kentucky Derby, and Carl Marasco of the Chicago Blitz talks about both the team and the USFL’s future.

01:40Copy video clip URL Cut back to the four commentators who discuss the Chicago Cubs’ current first place standing in the league. They also go on to talk about some of the other better teams in the MLB including the Detroit Tigers, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox. This leads into a commentary from Bill Veeck.

06:03Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Bill Veeck commenting on the current last place New York Yankees team and the poor management and ownership of George Steinbrenner. Veeck comments on Steinbrenner’s ego and how it has led the team into the depths. “The worst thing is that his ego is so involved that he doesn’t want, in New York, a ball player who is bigger in the press than he. This is why he couldn’t stand having Reggie Jackson around. And Reggie Jackson was what they need in New York; you know Ruth, and Gehrig, and Mantle, you know and Reggie Jackson. … Now he’s got guys who are dandy little fellas, he pays them a lot of money and they single. It’s fascinating. It isn’t just ball players. He’s payed more guys not to play, understand this, more not to play than Calvin Griffith payed for his entire payroll, and that doesn’t even include managers.” Veeck goes on to talk about what he believes Steinbrenner will do with the ball club in the future.

09:08Copy video clip URL Cut back to the commentators who continue to talk about George Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees team. They eventually talk about some of the bad financial decisions made by a number of professional athletes from Chicago franchises. This cuts into a segment on the Chicago Bears’ potential draft picks for the year and the NFL’s competition with the USFL.

12:06Copy video clip URL Director of Bears Players Personnel Bill Tobin sits down with Spielman and talks about his hopes for the draft to take place a little earlier in order to get a better grip on some of the more talented players before the USFL teams have a chance to. Tobin talks about the amount of work wasted in scouting for players who go on to sign with another team from the USFL. He also states that the talent level in the draft this year is not too promising but assures the viewers that the Bears will get a good draft pick. Spielman goes on to ask Tobin why young players should opt to enter into the NFL as a fifth round draft pick when they are first round pick in the USFL draft. Tobin responds, “Play with the big boys. Give it your best, you can always go over there. Two-thirds of the players over there right now tried with us and weren’t good enough and are over there. You boys got that option.”

14:25Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with Chicago Blitz Acting General Manager Carl Marasco. Veeck and Fencik ask Marasco about the talent in the USFL and on the Chicago Blitz team. Marasco also talks about the possibility of moving the Blitz franchise. He states that the competition between the NFL and the USFL will continue to be a problem down the road. Veeck also asks Marasco about the competition between the USFL and the MLB.

19:38Copy video clip URL Cut to the “Time Out Sports Almanac” segment.

20:29Copy video clip URL Cut back to the four commentators who begin to talk about the Kentucky Derby. Schulian introduces a segment featuring an interview with Dave Feldman, Dean of the Chicago Turf Riders.

21:11Copy video clip URL Schulian asks Feldman about a variety of subjects including his memories of his first Kentucky Derby, the derbies of the past, and his predictions on winning horses this year.

25:19Copy video clip URL Cut back to a shot of the four commentators who continue to talk about the upcoming Kentucky Derby. They also talks about a few of the different NBA happenings around the league and go on to make their sports predictions for the week. The credits roll shortly afterwards.

28:16Copy video clip URL There is a promo that rolls before the end of the tape.

28:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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