Time Out, episode 115

This tape features a 1984 episode of "Time Out," a weekly sports program that is hosted by a number of Chicago area journalists and sportscasters. This week's commentators are John Schulian of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University's Men's Basketball team, WIND reporter Fran Spielman, and John Mengelt, broadcaster and NBA veteran.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opens with black screen, logo, and intro from sponsor.

01:15Copy video clip URL Opening sequence and overview of this episode.

02:16Copy video clip URL Hosts begin conversation regarding Cubs-White Sox cross town double header. The conversation continues to the results of the Kentucky Derby, then on to the NBA, debating the MVP between Bernard King and Larry Bird.

08:10Copy video clip URL Cut to Bill Veeck at the bar, who comments on legal issues in sports. He highlights current events such as contracts to owners with Calvin Griffiths of the Minnesota Twins. Veeck comments on the implications of this for the future of baseball, such as threats to open a new league.

11:22Copy video clip URL Time Out Sports Almanac Trivia Questions, highlighting events in sports history on this date.

12:25Copy video clip URL Cut back to hosts, who offer brief commentary on sports owners.

13:05Copy video clip URL Cut back to Bill Veeck speaking with San Francisco Giants owner Bob Lurie, who speak about the financial problems in baseball today. Lurie speaks critically about Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who offers “blank checks” to players which throws off the financial stability for other owners. He also predicts an upcoming strike in baseball due to these trends. Lurie notes that “there’s no better game in the world” commenting on the resilience of the game in the midst of these challenges.

18:30Copy video clip URL Cut back to Kenny McReynolds, who introduces a taped interview with White Sox first base coach Davey Nelson. In the clip, Nelson talks about his strategy of being an active, aggressive, first base coach. He also comments on his desire to be a manager, and on the status of black managers in the league.

21:40Copy video clip URL Cut back to Fran Spielman, who speaks about the Chicago Sports Hall of Fame and introduces a video segment of the recent induction ceremony. In the segment, she interviews sports celebrities and inductees Mort Kaplan; Ed Kelly; Alderman Ed Burke with Orestes “Minnie” Minoso; Nick Kladis; and John Kerr. The clip finishes with a run-down of all current inductees, with footage of them filing into the event.

25:35Copy video clip URL Cut back to hosts who discuss the upcoming Indianapolis 500, and check on previous predictions. Each offers a new prediction for the week.

28:20Copy video clip URL Wrap up and final credits over footage of a clown joking with kids at Comiskey Park.

29:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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    voice-over by marty robinson

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