Time Out, episode 124

This tape features a 1984 episode of "Time Out," a weekly sports program that is hosted by a number of Chicago area journalists and sportscasters. This week's commentators are Linda Kay of the Chicago Tribune, Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University's Men's Basketball team, WIND reporter Fran Spielman, and former NBA star John Mengelt.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen, countdown, and a number of promos.

00:33Copy video clip URL Opening sequence for the program.

00:57Copy video clip URL Dissolve into a shot of the four commentators in the back room of the “Time Out” TV set. The narrator gives a brief overview of the show that includes: a commentary about the MLB All Star Game from Bill Veeck, a three minute round of golf with Ben Crenshaw, and an interview with Frances McCuddy, owner of McCuddy’s Bar on 35th Street in Chicago.

01:36Copy video clip URL The four commentators begin to talk about the Chicago White Sox’s current first place standing. They also briefly talk about the Western Open before cutting to a segment on Ben Crenshaw and his performance on the greens of Butler National.

04:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Mengelt at Butler National. The viewer is given a quick look at the landscape and playability of Butler National through footage of golfer Ben Crenshaw playing Butler’s eighteen holes, sped up to a three-minute running time. Crenshaw ultimately ends up going three over par and is interviewed after finishing his run. Crenshaw does not seem too thrilled about his performance. “My mind just doesn’t seem to be in it. You got to have everything just going pretty good in order to play well. I’ve got some things bothering me right now and it’s tough, it’s tough to play golf. … You have to have a clear conscience before you can play. I just don’t feel confident right now, and it’s sure showing.”

09:39Copy video clip URL Cut back to the four commentators who refer to golf as a heavily mental game. They also talk about the positive chemistry of the Chicago Cubs, which helped them to become the best team in baseball at the All-Star break that year. This leads into a commentary from Bill Veeck from Illinois Masonic Hospital.

12:50Copy video clip URL We meet Veeck and a “Time Out” correspondent at Illinois Masonic. Veeck gives his opinions on the All-Star game, specifically its origins and its evolution over the years. He also talks about the inequalities found in the voting process. Veeck states that the MLB should rid itself of the idea that one All-Star should come from every team in baseball, that managers should be able to choose a number of bigger names and sentimental favorites to be involved in the game, and that voting should only be for players who have remained active for the month before the All-Star game.

15:50Copy video clip URL Cut back to McReynolds and Spielman who debate the possibility of fans being able to vote players into the All-Star game. This eventually cuts to the “Time Out Sports Almanac” segment.

18:59Copy video clip URL Cut back to a shot of the four commentators who discuss the current Wimbledon tournament. This cuts into a segment on McCuddy’s Bar on the south side of Chicago.

22:09Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the exterior of McCuddy’s Bar. Frances McCuddy speaks with a “Time Out” correspondent about the history of the tavern, her family’s involvement with the Comiskey family, and her memories of the early days of the tavern. McCuddy says that Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio used to frequent the bar quite a bit. During doubleheaders, Ruth would walk across the street for a beer and a roast beef sandwich in between games. McCuddy goes on to talk about being the bouncer for the tavern and says that she has to kick rowdy customers out every now and again.

24:58Copy video clip URL Cut back to the four commentators in the back bar. They briefly talk about McCuddy’s Tavern before making their sports predictions for the week. The credits follow shortly afterwards.

28:35Copy video clip URL A promo rolls before the tape ends.

28:49Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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